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Assistance regarding ISO certification to all kinds of industries


From engineering, banking, food to hospital assistance for all

All can get guidance to get their ISO certification done in a moment.

All you have to do is to come to General Quality Service, one of the largest and prominent firms of India and just relax. Do not be anxious; they will take care of all your problems.

With their service all around India ISO certification became child’s play for everyone. Their service provision includes almost every field: – Service Industries, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Engineering, Food, Hospital, Education and Software and Chemical Industrial sectors. Not only this, they also furnish your systems through designing the formats and framing the quality procedures and manuals.

Free yourself from fraudulence, come to GQS approved by Quality Council of India


GQS is the most trustworthy friend you can ever have.

Global Quality Service one of the prominent and leading consultancy firms is here to help you out with the ISO certification. No more you have to worry about the problems you may face after going to some cheap consultancy firm that after multiples of promises do no good to you and your company.

With GQS you are under the cover of some safe shields that will be by your side even after the certification is done and over. So get rid of your fraud consultancies that do cheat you after showering sweet words and promises that get never fulfilled.

GQS also covers the pre-eminent strategic fields of your operations, safety, social compliance and quality

Professional ISO Consultant is all you need for successful certification


ISO certification consultancy you need

The biggest consultancy firm of India concerning ISO, Global Quality Service is the mastermind you are in dire need of who can get pass all the difficulties of yours in a split second. With their profound knowledge and experience in NABL Accreditation for Medical Laboratories and NABH Accreditation for Hospitals they are the go to people.

GQS is also covering up each and every eminent strategic terrain of yours and also looks after the social compliance, quality and safety. Assistance in National Board for Quality Promotion is also served by them. They already have changed the ambience of many organizations by implanting and then enhancing the work culture, designing formats and procedures.

Say adieu to all your tensions about ISO Certification


GQS is here to take care of your probs

Only with the help the help of the pros like GQS you can achieve your dream of getting easily an ISO certification. It was never been easy until GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICE came in and stretched out their hand in assistance.

They do help you in numerous ways that you can hardly think of. Starting from the reduction in manufacturing lead time and problematic accidents, increase in job satisfaction of the employees, in employee retention to improving your working environment, health, housekeeping and safety all is looked after by their ever watching and guarding eyes.

They do not stop here they will give continuous training to enhance the gradation and the status of yours in the society.

ISO certification through the reliable GQS consultancy


GQS sticks on with you all the time all the place

ISO certification has taken to the level of lucidity by GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICE. They became the numero uno consultant to get the approval by QCI for ISO 9001 Certification consultancy.

They had kept to their promise of assisting the companies all the time. Above 24 companies last year 2013 has been helped by GQS to get subsidy from the Government of India.

This proves that they are the one and only who devote their complete service for you and your company’s betterment. Their consultancy is devoted to the service of nearly every sector:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Service Industries
  • Software industrial sectors
  • Banking to Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Education

ISO certificate !! Do I need it ?


Necessity of ISO certificate and the consultancy that can guide you

Companies and Organizations often desire to get certified or accredited to ISO’s management system standards like ISO 15189 or ISO 39001.

Why? No not because it is necessary but because it helps to prove that the company has these standards which showcase the improved efficiency and effectiveness of company operations.

Now how to get it done and who can help you in doing this perilous job done? The only consultancy firm in India that stands out to be the most stand out kind of consultancy is the global quality service.

With their immense knowledge and experience they are proven to be the one who can get the ISO certificate done for you in very little time.

GET more than you can desire in ISO Certification


There is nothing now that you can’t get with GQS

What can you desire for?  Those are nothing near to what GLOBAL SERVICE QUALITY will be offering you. Simple and quite frankly they are the one ISO certification consultancy you can look forward to with blindfolded trust.

Once you are with GQS the most trustworthy consulting firm in India you need not to worry about anything else they will not only guide you to get the certification but also will be with you after you have done with getting the ISO certificate.

It will completely needless to speak on what type of benefits you will enjoy from being with them. They provide better working environment, improve morale and bring job satisfaction and they better your operational controls.

ISO 50001 Consultant for Efficient Energy management


ISO 50001 Energy management consultants require lot of experience in Engineering and Electricals.

With approval from Bureau of Energy Efficiency BEE, Qualified Energy auditors conduct a thorough Energy audits identifying the various Energy consuming equipments which forms the basis of the Energy Profile.

Four things you must know while selecting the right ISO 50001 Consultant

  1. Is the consultant a Lead auditor in ISO 50001
  2. Are they approved by BEE
  3. Do they have a Energy audit team with BEE Approved equipments.
  4. Do they possess experience in implementing Projects based on Energy profile.

Call the RIGHT ISO 50001 Energy management consultant to provide technical and professional guidance.

SK Steel industry recommended for ISO 50001 Energy management system


SK Steel industry recommended for ISO 50001 Energy management system

ISO 50001 Energy management system has now been implemented at SK Steel Bangalore. GQS has a cordial relation with SK Steel since 2001 in their quest for Quality assurance. SK Steel has grown in multiple folds during the last decade and has added another feather to their acheivements by implementing ISO 50001 Energy management system.

Hindustan Aeronautical Limited HAL has undergone ISO 50001 Training


Hindustan Aeronautical Limited HAL has undergone ISO 50001 Training

Hindustan Aeronautical Limited HAL key employees were trained on ISO 50001 Energy management system by GQS.

GQS holds the credit of training the highest number of Energy professionals and Maintenance managers in Energy management eversince the EN 16001 was published.

The Conversion from EN 16001 to ISO 50001 was well accepted by the industry and the core industries where ISO 50001 was made mandatory by BEE has helped industries in optimizing the consumption of resources.


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