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What is Road Safety Management or ISO 39001 Certification?

ISO 39001 Certification can be used as a basis to certify or for guidance to implement a good Road safety management system. The standard although based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System there are lot of requirements which are specific to road safety and safe practices which can be implemented by any organizations, Government bodies, toll roads, toll bridges, Highways, Housing estates, Parking in Commercial complex, Parking system at Shopping malls, hyper markets etc.

Few of the requirements relate to right placement of signage, speed breakers, road marker with an objective to reduce accidents. The rate of accidents due to poor roads or poor information can be reduced by implementing an effective road safety management system. All organizations related to road, like government and construction companies are recommended to secure this certification.

The Importance and Advantages of ISO 39001 Certification

This certification will let you achieve results such as compliance to laws and standards of Road Traffic System and contribute to the goal of the society you are in.

Standards of ISO 39001 Certification

  • Understanding the content of Certification including organization and its context, the needs and expectations of other parties, the scope of Road Traffic Safety Management System.
  • Commitment and leadership, policy, roles, responsibilities and authorities
  • Planning, actions done for risks and opportunities, performance factors and objectives
  • Support, coordination, resources, competence, awareness and communication
  • Operation, evaluation and improvement

GQS ISO 39001 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

GQS consultants can help you with the complete ISO 39001 Certification process from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

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