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What is Responsible Care or RC 14001-2023 Certification?

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has created two Technical Specifications that addresses the environment, health, safety and security. They are RC14001 and RCMS. RC14001-2023 is based on the ISO 14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS 18001 (soon to be ISO 45001) and Security management system. RC 14001-2023 Certification focus on Chemical Management delivers requirements to be implemented in Chemical manufacturing handling or storage companies.

The Importance and Advantages of RC 14001-2023 Certification

Responsible Care or RC 14001-2023 Certification orients companies to work with no accident, harm or injuries to environment by meeting legal requirements. This certification was given to trained organizations whoare efficient in health, safety, environmental and security performance.

Standards of RC 14001-2023 Certification

The key elements to be documented, implemented and established are

  • EHS+S Policy ( Environment, Health, Safety and additionally Security)
  • EHSS Objectives
  • Risk Assessment (any tool such as FMEA can be used to conduct the risks in Storage, Handling, Manufacturing and Delivery. It is strongly advised to use ISO 31000 to refer during Risk assessment)
  • Identification of Objectives and programs
  • Writing Operational control procedures and Emergency procedures

Top Companies and Organizations with RC 14001-2023 Certification

RC 14001-2023 Certification can be acquired by all chemical handling companies who have concern and who want to let their competitors, clients, customers, stakeholders and other related businesses that their organization cares not just for earn for a living but for having a secure environment for a better living.

GQS RC 14001-2023 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

GQS consultants can help you with the complete RC 14001-2023 Certification process from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

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