Publicly Available Specification or PAS 223 Certification

What is PAS 223 Certification?

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 223 is intended to be used by food packaging manufacturing organizations to support management systems designed to meet the requirements for PRPs specified in BS EN ISO 22000, and it sets out the detailed requirements for those programmes.

The Importance and Advantages of PAS 223 Certification

PAS 223 helps develop and maintain the required program and designs which the manufacturers should follow on their packaging as well as food production for hazard control. It looks at the environmental aspect, layout, equipment and facilities. It requires measures to guarantee that the it has right air and gas compression.

Standards of PAS 223 Certification

The following contents will be covered during the consultancy, trainings and certificaiton Contents of PAS 223 include:

  •     Introduction
  •     Scope
  •     Normative references
  •     Terms and definitions
  •     Establishments
  •     General requirements
  •     Environment
  •     Locations of establishments
  •     Layout and workspace
  •     Internal design, layout and traffic patterns Internal structures and fittings
  •     Equipment Temporary/mobile structures
  •     Storage Utilities Water supply
  •     Air quality and ventilation
  •     Compressed air and other gases
  •     Lighting Waste Containers for waste
  •     Waste management and removal
  •     Drains and drainage Equipment suitability and maintenance
  •     Hygienic design Food packaging contact surfaces
  •     Testing and monitoring
  •     Preventive and corrective maintenance
  •     Purchased materials and services
  •     Selection and management of suppliers
  •     Incoming raw materials
  •     Contamination and migration
  •     Microbiological contamination
  •     Physical contamination
  •     Chemical contamination
  •     Chemical migration
  •     Allergen management
  •     Cleaning
  •     Cleaning agents and tools
  •     Cleaning programmes
  •     Monitoring cleaning programme effectiveness
  •     Pest control
  •     Pest control programmes
  •     Preventing access
  •     Harbourage and infestations
  •     Monitoring and detection
  •     Eradication
  •     Personnel hygiene and facilities
  •     Personnel hygiene facilities and toilets
  •     Staff canteens and designated eating areas
  •     Workwear and protective clothing Illness and injuries
  •     Personal cleanliness
  •     Personal behaviour
  •     Rework
  •     Storage, identification and traceability
  •     Rework usage
  •     Withdrawal procedures
  •     Withdrawal requirements
  •     Storage and transport
  •     Warehousing requirements
  •     Vehicles, conveyances and containers
  •     Food packaging information and consumer awareness
  •     Food defence, biovigilance and bioterrorism
  •     Access controls
  •     Food packaging design and development
  •     Communication and change control
  •     Design
  •     Specifications
  •     Process validation

Top Companies and Organizations with PAS 223 Certification

Companies that manufacture food packaging, food products, supplier of food packaging, environmental health officers, health officers and safety officers have PAS 223 Certification. If you are on this industry, it is advisable to get certified.

GQS PAS 223 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

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