This certification is a type of standard involving Privacy Information Management Systems, which is an extension of the Information Security Management Systems. This style of standardization focuses on the management of privacy in an organization system as their services entail the processing of data that is private or personal for their clients. The certification is mainly required by organizations to ensure they take measures to keep the data of their clients safe and secure. There are disadvantages and advantages that an organization may face and grow with and without the ISO 27701 Certification.

Disadvantages of lacking an ISO 27701 PIMS certification

Without an ISO 277701 certification, an organization may have a low assurance of data security being taken into consideration and may bring up issues with the clients and stakeholders. This is because data breaches and risks are likely to have an occurrence with no known measures put in place.  With these at the frontline, new partnerships with other organizations cannot be made because no organization will want to make links with one that has no data security measures put in place. This will make one lose a lot of opportunities to expand due to the lack of the ISO 27701 PIMS certification. With data breaches of client details likely to happen without the ISO 27701 certification, the Orga NJ nation may have a damaged reputation that may take a long while before regaining theorganization’s trusted reputation. An organization also faces a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace where all other competitors may have the ISKo 27701 certification. This makes them more trustworthy and effective with their organizations building a strong bond with the clients and how they give their services.

Advantages of the Iso 27701 PIMS certification

With the disadvantages put a toll on why the ISO 27701 PIMS certification is needed. One advantage of the certification is that an organization will have a strong relationship and build trust between itself and the clients since the services they render are data secure even when personal details are used when transacting through cards. There is a recording of enhanced data security and privacy since there are no posed risks since the certification brings about the management of any posed risks. It places the organization with a competitive advantage in the competitive market with other organizations in the same bracket. It also gives the organization a good reputation since it is compliant with the privacy regulations, which shows the organization’s effort in securing data and regarding data security as a must-have. In addition, when an organization is found in a dilemma on data breaches, the Iso 27701 Certification in Bangalore gives the organization an upper hand to show proof that there were measures to conserve data privacy.


The Iso 27701 PIMS certification has a lot of advantages, and an organization has a lot to face without the certification. The organization may lose a lot if fined for data breaches.

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