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CE Certification for Technical Products

CE Certification for Technical products

Ten Steps for CE Certification for Technical products by Notified body

We provide complete solution for CE certification :-

1. technical support in preparation of product technical file, CE Risk assessment of the product and process
2. Identifying the right Notified body suitable for the product you manufacture. Be it Engineering or Non engineering product, do let us know to help you identify the right international standards required for inspection / testing
3. Support in B (Technical file preparation) + C (Process Inspection) + D (Inspection of process)
4. Coordination with European notified body for conducting on site CE audits
5. Coordination with customer after the “Open market Pick and Test qualification report” issued by the Notified body
6. Coordination for B2 CE certificate which is issued after the online audit of the Technical file. This is being carried out only due to the current travel restriction. Online audit will be revoked, and offline audit will be carried out once travel restrictions are lifted
7. Coordination of C2 CE Certificate – which is issued only after the Offline (Onsite) audit is carried out by approved auditor from Notified body
8. Support in issuance of the 5 year Valid CE Certificate from Notified body
9. Support during CE Surveillance audit which is carried out by Notified body every year.
10. Support in closure of any NC identified by Notified body auditor during CE Process and Product audit.

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Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum

CE Certificate, CE Consultant, CE Mark, CE Subsidy

CE Certificate, CE Consultant, CE Mark, CE Subsidy

CE Certificate, CE Consultant, CE Mark, CE Subsidy

Puma PTC signs up with GQS for CE certification for all their product categories which includes

1. Mechanical

2. Electromechanical

3. Electrical lifts and hoists.

The process of Technical Construction file, identification of relevant directives from the EU, Preparation of the Risk assessment, Preparation of the Operation manual, Preparation of the maintenance manual, Preparation of the design file including all drawings and process work instructions have commenced.

A German body has been identified for CE certification.

The process of CE Certification and applying for subsidy will take atleast 5 months.

Call 9845313910, 9845078743 to know further details or just drop an email to SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM

CE Certification by GQS India


CE certification is very important now in INDIA as all the companies with this certification for their products being exported are looked up as a qualified and efficient company. CECERTIFICATION is never as easy as it is made look like by the GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES.

GLOBAL SERVICE QUALITY will be offering you everything that you can ever think of only in your night dreams. To be quite frank they are the one faithful companion CE certification consultancy you can put on your complete trust with blindfolded eyes and still feel completely safe and sound about your products being used.

GQS is another synonym of trust in this matter. So be with GQS to get your CE certification and prosper.

CE Certification consultancy in Bangalore, CE Mark consultant


CE Certification consultancy in Bangalore, CE Mark consultant

CE Certification or CE Mark is provided for any products which are exported to the European Union. Be it Toys or Engineering products CE Mark makes a lot of difference when it comes to check the endurance and safety of the product.

Clients such as IPG Photonics, CAE, Pooram & Pooram have availed services for CE certification of many of their products.


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