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Environment Site Assessment as per ASTM E 1527

Environment Site Assessment as per ASTM E 1527

Green field projects requiring Phase 1 Environment Site Assessment as per ASTM E 1527 – Part 13

Be it Green field or brown field projects, GQS can support in conducting Phase 1 ESA Environment Site Assessment based on ASTM-E Part 13 covering

1. Soil investigation
2. Ambient air quality
3. Water pollution
4. Noise levels
5. Mercury poisoning
6. Lead contamination
7. Hazards due to Earthquake
8. Public hearing where required
9. Due diligence by interviewing interested parties
10. Risk evaluation of neighboring properties.

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Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum



GQS has the expertise and professionalism in EIA studies for new industries / capacity expansion of existing industries based on the Environment Protection Act 1986 and notification in 2006 thereafter. Irrespective of the Category A or Category B of industries, we will help

  1. To review the Terms of Reference TOR
  2. Central Government / State government clearances
  3. Public consultations (Public Hearing) with NGO / Experts / General Public
  4. Notification in Newspaper
  5. Communication with relevant authorities

Note – Category B1 requires preparation of EIA report while Category B2 does not require EIA report.

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