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GQS signs with RX Logics a large IT Company with offices in US, India for implementing ISO 14001 Environment management system across all offices

GQS signs with RxLogics large IT Company with its offices in US, India

GQS signs with RxLogics large IT Company with its offices in US, India – Bangalore and Noida for implementing ISO 14001 Environment management system

ISO 14001 has become the global norm for planning and carrying out an ecological administration framework. The standard formed by ISO. The latest form of the ecological administration framework prerequisites was distributed in 2015, and is alluded to as “ISO 14001:2015.” The standard was settled upon by a greater part of part nations prior to being delivered and refreshed, and as such it has gotten a globally perceived standard acknowledged by a greater part of nations all throughout the planet.GQS provides certification and plays the main role in ISO 14001 and it also Logics in a large IT company with its offices in the US, India such as Bangalore and Noida.

The good advantage of carrying out an EMS (Environment Management System) is the acknowledgment that accompanies being among those organizations that care enough to decrease their natural impression. This carries better associations with clients, people in general, and the local area everywhere for your organization

The ISO 14001 design is parted into ten segments:

The initial three are beginning ones, last seven containing the necessities for the ecological administration framework:

o Section 4: Context of the association – This segment discusses prerequisites for understanding your association to execute an EMS.

o Section 5: Leadership – The authority prerequisites cover the requirement for top administration to be instrumental in the execution of the EMS.

o Section 6: It is fundamental for the association to survey all the manners by which the hierarchical cycles cooperate and influence the climate just as the legitimate and different responsibilities that are required for the association.

o Section 7: Support – The support area manages the board of all assets for the EMS.

o Segment 8: Operation – The activity prerequisites manage all parts of the ecological controls required by the authoritative cycles

o Section 9: Performance assessment – This part tests the prerequisites expected to ensure that you can screen whether your EMS is working great.

o Section 10: Improvement – This last segment incorporates the prerequisites expected to improve your EMS after some time. This incorporates the need to evaluate measure distention and making remedial moves for measures.


o For auditing and to be certified it creates and records the documents that should be possible inside by the organization, or you can find support through employing an advisor or buying standard documentation.

o After the procedure setup you need to go for EMS for a certain time.

o Subsequent to completing all your documentation and carrying out it, your association additionally needs to play out these means to guarantee a fruitful accreditation:

o Internal audit – The inner review is set up for you to check your EMS measures. The objective is to guarantee that records are set up to affirm consistency of the cycles and to discover issues and shortcomings that would somehow or another stay covered up.

o The board audit – A proper survey by your administration to assess the pertinent realities about the administration framework measures to settle on suitable choices and relegate assets.

o Remedial activities – Following the inward review and the board audit, you need to address the underlying driver of any distinguished issues and report how they were settled.

The organization certificate measure is isolated into two phases:

o Stage One (documentation study) – The auditors from your picked affirmation body checks to ensure your documentation meets the requirements of ISO 14001.

o Stage Two (primary review) – Here, the confirmation body evaluators will check whether your genuine exercises are consistent with both ISO 14001 and your own documentation by surveying archives, records, and friends rehearse.

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GQS : ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Implementation and Certification Initiative

GQS : ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Implementation and Certification Initiative

Global Quality Services is proud to be now associated withISO 14001, ISO 45001 implementation and certification initiatives at their world class plants. Global quality services have now started its process of consultancy and training across all locations. Global quality services feel proud to be now working for health and safety pieces of training and consultancy topics.

 ISO certificate is one of all the ways that provide standards to the organizations and thus lead way to innovation and development of trade. Global quality services also ensure that with the help of the certifications the products and services of the organization meet the customer and regulatory satisfaction. In addition to this, it also demonstrates continuous improvement. ISO is an independent, non-governmental, international organization that creates standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of the products, services, & systems. Global Quality Services also certifies that the management system, manufacturing process, service or documentation processes has fulfilled all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

ISO 45001 is an International Standard that specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, with guidance for its use, to enable an organisation to proactively improve its OH&S performance in preventing people from injury and ill-healthissues. ISO 45001 is intended to apply to any organisation regardless of its size, type and nature. ISO 45001 enables an organisation, through its OH&S management system, to integrate other aspects of health and safety, such as worker wellness or wellbeing, however, it should be seriously noted that an organisation can be required by different kinds of applicable legal requirements to also address such issues.

The ISO 14001 environmental management system is a systematic framework for managing the immediate and longterm environmental and neighbour impacts of an organization’s products, services, and processes. Global quality services helpyou in obtaining ISO 14001 certification, your organization can assure stakeholders that you &your environmental management system are compliant with industryspecific international environmental standards. ISO 14001 provides a framework for best environmental management practices allowing environmental certification organizationsto reduce their EHS liability and project a reputation of management excellence.

ISO 14001 is the main international standard for implementing the Environmental Management System (EMS).  It maps out a framework that organizations can follow to set up an effective EMS. ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001) is very similar to ISO 14001, but instead of managing environmental issues, 45001 focuses on managing Occupational Health and Safety concerns. These include Job Hazards, OSHA regulatory requirements and potential emergencies. IES can provide both the ISO 14001 services listed on this page – as well as the 45001 system requirements.

Global quality services provide variouslarge companies which require their suppliers to become ISO 14001 certified. According to a ground report research, Mostly the automotive and electronics sectors and many foreign-based companies are also requiring ISO 14001 certifications.

ISO 14001 builds an EMS that addresses legal compliance issues and environmental aspects of it. OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 manages job hazards and other Health and Safety issues. These standards help your organization inbuilding improvement objectives, training programs and the control documents (work instructions, operating manuals, etc.) to manage the whole system.

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Got recycling ? Learn how to recycle ipads, laptops, and other devices



There is no such issue as “away”. after we throw something away it should go somewhere. There square measure such a big amount of electronical gadgets in our homes that we tend to not use and square measure lying in our drawers and cabinets to eat dirt. in contrast to regular trash, the electronic devices or gadgets shouldn’t be drop within the garbage bin rather like that because it contain venturesome substances which might hurt the humanity also because the setting . physical science like ipad , mobile phones, laptops contain harmful chemicals that may begrime the air and contaminate the setting. The construct of E-recycling won’t solely facilitate in clearing the wastage however additionally build up employment opportunities. Waste electronic contain gold, copper which might be wont to produce different gadgets


  • Never dump e-waste directly in garbage can. If your device is in operating condition don’t recycle it. Except gift it to some impoverished. Look for organisations United Nations agency can place waste electronic gadgets to sensible use.
  • Find a accountable recycler close to you, if the device isn’t in an exceedingly operating condition. as a result of tons of e-waste is shipped to landfills in developing nations for sorting or burning, it’s vital to visualize together with your exercise service. raise them however the e-waste are going to be treated, and whether or not they have any certifications or if they recycle in accordance with strict standards. It’s worthy finding one that processes your e-waste in an exceedingly accountable manner, with least impact on human health and therefore the setting.
  • Get to understand the choices offered in your space. you would possibly be ready to drop off your e-waste or have it collected. ascertain who’s acceptive your previous physics, and confer with the manufacturer to visualize if they’d take the used things back. for instance, brands like Apple, with its Renew program, lets customers recycle devices in their stores or on-line. Some retailers like scientist Norman can take back previous TVs and alternative e-waste if you’re shopping for a replacement one from them. Phones tend to be simple to recycle as recyclers can usually have a free mail-in service and you don’t got to drop it off or prepare a group.
  • Last however no the smallest amount, Set a E- waste utilization policy. If you’re a business, have a utilization policy for your work e-waste. giant organisations will enjoy having a waste audit and setting targets to cut back your e-waste. You’ll need to incorporate secure-erase processes in your policy, to safeguard personal and counselling. where attainable consume less and whenever you wish to upgrade your devices check that you’re utilization your recent devices in a very accountable manner. By guaranteeing that you simply have recycled rigorously you’re supporting a healthier planet.


The Apple company that creates the classic and luxury mobile phones conjointly named as Iphone and laptops and computers named macbook and Imac make their merchandise enviornment friendly. Apple permits you to recycle any Apple device and devices from Apple in hand brands at any Apple Store and on-line. you’ll be able to bring your batteries and recent Apple-products to any Apple Store, and that they can recycle them responsibly, freed from charge. They settle for any little product or battery while not purchase of a brand new product or battery. Apple introduced the iPhone twelve at its ‘Hi, Speed’ event in Oct last year, together with the iPhone twelve professional, the iPhone twelve professional liquid ecstasy, and also the iPhone twelve mini. A lightning cable was enclosed within the box, however it didn’t associate with a charger now around. However, the iPhone twelve came jam-choked with a large vary of options, together with 5G support and also the A14 bionic chip. The iPhone twelve came in 5 colours, together with blue, white, and green. protective the setting is that the official reason Apple set to not embody power adapters or EarPods within the iPhone twelve box. Since Apple wasn’t manufacturing or shipping any new chargers with every new iPhone, carbon emissions by the corporate were reduced. Carbon emissions cause global climate change, thus it’s undoubtedly important to examine a technical school large like Apple creating a shot to scale back its emissions. thereto finish, Apple conjointly aims to form entirely carbon-neutral merchandise by 2030 and hopes to supply everything victimization clean energy.

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Environment Site Assessment as per ASTM E 1527

Environment Site Assessment as per ASTM E 1527

Green field projects requiring Phase 1 Environment Site Assessment as per ASTM E 1527 – Part 13

Be it Green field or brown field projects, GQS can support in conducting Phase 1 ESA Environment Site Assessment based on ASTM-E Part 13 covering

1. Soil investigation
2. Ambient air quality
3. Water pollution
4. Noise levels
5. Mercury poisoning
6. Lead contamination
7. Hazards due to Earthquake
8. Public hearing where required
9. Due diligence by interviewing interested parties
10. Risk evaluation of neighboring properties.

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GQS has the expertise and professionalism in EIA studies for new industries / capacity expansion of existing industries based on the Environment Protection Act 1986 and notification in 2006 thereafter. Irrespective of the Category A or Category B of industries, we will help

  1. To review the Terms of Reference TOR
  2. Central Government / State government clearances
  3. Public consultations (Public Hearing) with NGO / Experts / General Public
  4. Notification in Newspaper
  5. Communication with relevant authorities

Note – Category B1 requires preparation of EIA report while Category B2 does not require EIA report.

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Rarest combo in ISO Integrations.First in APAC to introduce with hands-on experience of implementing, training and certification with highest TAT and success rate.

APACs most preferred consultants

Remote Online ISO Certification due to Covid 19 Virus issue

Online ISO

Online ISO

Remote Online ISO Certification due to Covid 19 Virus issue – valid until December 2021

GQS India becomes the first  ISO Certification body to announce remote ISO certification audits and Lead auditor trainings (by Third party IRCA and Non IRCA Approved training organisation), General awareness training, Internal audit training  2021  in the following

  1. ISO 22301 – Remote Online Business continuity management Certification audit
  2. ISO 13485 – Remote Online Medical equipment management Certification audit
  3. ISO 22000 – Remote OnlineFood safety management system Certification audit
  4. FSSC 22000 Version 5 – Remote Online Food Safety System certification Certification audit
  5. ISO 28000 – Remote Online Supply chain management Certification audit
  6. ISO 37001 – Remote Online Anti Bribery Management system Certification audit
  7. C-TPAT – Customs – Trade partnership Against terrorism – Remote consultancy, training
  8. SCAN – Supplier Compliance Audit Network – Remote consultancy audit
  9. BRC – British Retail Consortium – Remote BRC Consultancy audit
  10. ISO 50001- Remote Online Energy management system certification audit
  11. ISO 55001 – Remote Online Asset management system certification audit
  12. ISO 45001 – Remote Online Safety Management system certification audit
  13. ISO 14001 – Remote Online Environment Management system certification audit
  14. ISO 9001 – Remote Online Quality Management system certification audit
  15. ISO 27001 – Remote online Information Security Management certification audit
  16. ISO 13485 – Remote Medical device Management system certification audit
  17. ISO 41001 – Remote Facility Management system audit
  18. GMP – Remote Good manufacturing Practices audit



Located for audits for 2021 any part of India– Best  training and certification experts in ISO Certification, drop an email to OR call 98453 13910, 98450 78743



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