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ISO 20000:It is the international standard for the IT Service Management.It portrays a coordinated arrangement of the executives measures which structure an assistance the board framework for the powerful conveyance of administrations to the business and its clients.The ISO 20000 standard was initially made as a code of training. The primary version of the standard was under the support of not ISO, but rather BSI (British Standard Institute) and was known as BS 15000. The standard was first presented as a worldwide norm “ISO 20000” in 2005 and investigated in 2011. The most recent adaptation is from 2018 and is alluded to as ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2018.

ITIL:It is called Information Technology Infrastructure Library.It was established in the 80’s and from that point forward it has been given in variants of ITIL v1, ITIL v2, ITIL v3, ITIL 2011 to the current dexterous ITSM guide ITIL 4. The idea of “best practice” has happened to standard use at ITIL, which helps to remember how the approach occurred. A worldwide overview of IT the executives standards uncovered where the technique functioned admirably. Furthermore, utilizing the inquiries, for example, “how would you work the Service Desk” or “how would you work Incident Management” various suggestions have been ordered. These reactions were over and again assessed, retested, altered, and afterward figured into the major rendition of ITIL v1.

The ITIL is the best practice system that gives brilliant direction to change of IT into an IT administration arranged association, which conveys administrations lined up with business needs in a savvy way. In any case, execution of ITIL doesn’t give any assurance that execution itself is done in the most reliable and most ideal manner conceivable across the help portfolio. It basically gives data in regards to what ought to be done, and there are no “should be finished” articulations inside it. This makes the nature of ITIL execution difficult to quantify, and ITIL confirmation for associations unthinkable. ISO 20000, then again, is a norm with unmistakably characterized necessities that should be met to ensure that at least best practice principles are met. ISO 20000 is ITIL based, and ITIL is planned considering ISO 20000; hence, they complete one another well.

Regardless of whether the organization intends to begin change into an IT administration situated association, or wishes to work on the current method of activity, profits by ITIL execution will be obviously apparent by just playing out an underlying hole examination. ITIL offers measure enhancements, or execution of new ones in an organized and straightforward way. What ITIL needs, and ISO 20000 sparkles in, is clear detail with respect to what the IT specialist co-op necessities to do. Execution itself is benchmarked, arrangement with necessities is approved by outer examiners, and the assignment of ISO 20000 execution and confirmation can be appended to a reasonable cut-off time.

Some of the differences between ISO 2000 and ITIL are:

  • ISO 20000 is a norm and code of training whereas ITIL is a best practice structure.
  • ISO 20000 honors associations with affirmation whereas ITIL doesn’t.
  • ISO 20000 has necessities for cycles and the executive’s framework whereas ITIL has direction.
  • The ISO 20000 association structure has not many required jobs whereas ITIL has an extraordinary number of jobs, capacities, cycles and obligations depicted.
  • ISO 20000 requires 13 cycles without express lifecycles indicated whereas ITIL depicts 5 phases of the lifecycle, roughly 37 cycles and various jobs.
  • ISO 20000 has a conclusive arrangement of archives required whereas ITIL has portrayals of key documentation.

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ISO 20000:2011 Certification

ISO 20000:2011 Certification

ISO 20000:2011 Certification

Global quality services help you in getting the ISO 20000:2011 Certification.ISO/IEC 20000 is the first international standard for IT service management. It was developed in 2005 by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 and revised in 2011 and 2018. It was originally based on the earlier BS 15000 that was developed by BSI Group.

This piece of ISO/IEC 20000 is assistance the board framework (SMS) standard. It indicates prerequisites for the specialist organization to design, build up, carry out, work, screen, and audit, keep up with and work on a SMS. The necessities incorporate the plan, change, conveyance and improvement of administrations to satisfy administration prerequisites.

All necessities in this piece of ISO/IEC 20000 are conventional and are expected to be appropriate to all specialist co-ops, paying little heed to type, size and the idea of the administrations conveyed. Avoidance of any of the prerequisites in Clauses 4 to 9 isn’t adequate when a specialist co-op claims adjustment to this piece of ISO/IEC 20000, paying little heed to the idea of the specialist organization’s association.

Global quality services define Service Management system as – SMS is an administration framework to direct and control the assistance the executives exercises of the specialist organization.

IT administration the board normalization is improved with ISO/IEC 20000 by relating to the accompanying: Executing a structure for working through the definition and execution of a bunch of cycles; accomplishing acknowledgment from an outsider fair and square of development came to by the association; safeguarding a showed administration quality; and safeguarding better arrangement between business goals and IT.

Global Quality Services help to get ISO/IEC 20000 and it can utilized it by:

  • An association looking for administrations from specialist organizations and requiring affirmation with respect to their administration prerequisites satisfaction;
  • An association that requires a predictable methodology by the entirety of its specialist co-ops, remembering those for an inventory network;
  • A specialist organization that expects to show its capacity for the plan, progress, conveyance and improvement of administrations that satisfy administration prerequisites;
  • A specialist co-op to screen measure and survey its administration the board cycles and administrations;
  • A specialist co-op to work on the plan, progress and conveyance of administrations through powerful Implementation and activity of a SMS;
  • An assessor or examiner as the rules for a congruity evaluation of a specialist organization’s SMS to the prerequisites in this piece of the ISO/IEC 20000. This piece of the standard requires the utilization of the system known as “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) for all pieces of the SMS and the administrations. The PDCA approach, as applied in this piece of

ISO/IEC 20000 can be momentarily portrayed as follows:

PLAN: building up, recording and consenting to the SMS. The SMS incorporates the approaches, goals, plans and cycles to satisfy the assistance necessities.

DO: carrying out and working the SMS for the plan, change, conveyance and improvement of the administrations.

CHECK: observing, estimating and inspecting the SMS and the administrations against the approaches, targets, plans and administration necessities and revealing the outcomes.

ACT: making moves to consistently further develop execution of the SMS and the administrations.

Key provisions of ISO 20000-1:2011

ISO 20000-1 is coordinated into the accompanying fundamental conditions:

  • Service the executives’ framework general prerequisites.
  • Design and progress of new or changed administrations.
  • Service conveyance measures
  • Relationship measures clause
  • Resolution measures
  • Control measures.

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Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum


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