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What is ISO 37001 for ?

ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery management system certification (1)

What is ISO 37001 for?

A quick word about ISO – 37001:

Before following or believing in anything, it’s always good to know about it, as prevention is always better then cure. ISO – International Organization for Standardization is a federation or we can say group of national standard bodies, also called ISO member bodies, which culminate to form different technical committees on different subject matters, to draw out or to define, international standards for that subject matter.

One of these standards is ISO 37001 which is the Anti-Bribery management system

But before going into ISO 37001, it is important to quickly recap 2 important terms, bribery & anti-bribery.

Bribery & anti-bribery –

In simple terms, bribery is offering something like money, land, or something which holds some value, in favour to getting one’s work done.

Like, paying some extra amount to get driving licence by bypassing the all-important step of driving test.

Anti-bribery, on the other hand, are procedures and policies implemented, to keep oneself and effectively an entire organization, bribery proof.

ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery management system:

So, it’s a major task for organizations to implement anti-bribery management to curb or stop attempts of bribery and keep the organization and the organization’s workforce clean, as organization may lose substantial amounts because of this.

No organization can just go and develop, an effective anti-bribery system, they need a standard or a framework or a pre-defined prototype to build one such effective system, and that guidance or prototype is provided by ISO 37001.

So, to sum it up, ISO 37001 can be a standalone or can be integrated into overall management system, to specify requirements and to provide guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an anti-bribery management system.

The requirements of ISO 37001 are generic, that is to say, these requirements are applicable to all the organizations or parts of organization, irrespective of size i.e., small, large or mid-cap, regardless of size and nature of activity, and whether in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors, its applicable to all.

Things addressed as part of ISO 37001 certification:

Few things which are addressed by ISO 37001, with respect to organization’s activities –

  • Bribery in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Bribery by the organization.
  • Bribery by organization’s personnel on behalf of organization.
  • Bribery by organization’s business associates on behalf of organization.
  • Bribery for the organization.
  • Direct and indirect bribery (via 3rd party).

ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery management system certification:

Certifications are handy tools to create confidence in your customers.

Certification helps to demonstrate that the product or service meets the expectations of the customer.

By itself ISO doesn’t provide any certification, they are just involved in defining standards and doesn’t issue any certificates.

There are external certification bodies and consultancies which can help to provide certifications.

Global Quality Services (GQS) is one such consultancy which consults and helps with ISO certifications.

It is not just a leading consultancy service in Bangalore, but in over-all India as well, it has provided consultancy to various clients across the country.

It is one of the first few consultants, approved by NABET & NRBPT QCI.

So if anyone needs some consultation on ISO certifications in India, GQC can be a go to, reliable option.

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ISO 37001 Anti bribery management system certification by experts from management system. Right from training until implementation of the Whistle blower policy, we have it all in our implementation module. Want to learn more about ISO 37001 ABM, Corruption.

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ABMS Anti Bribery Management System 

ISO 37001 Consulting, ISO 37001 Certification, ISO 37001 Consultancy

ISO 37001 Consulting, ISO 37001 Certification, ISO 37001 Consultancy

Brief requirements about ISO 37001 standard ?

ISO 37001 sets out in a  manner as to how an anti-bribery management system can function. A Risk based thinking has to be implemented and this culture can be adopted from the existing management system or tools such as Failure Mode Effect analysis.The risks are prioritized and sufficient controls have to be implemented. The process of whistleblowing is mandated in the standard.


Who can apply ISO 37001?

Any private, public or Government organizations located in any part of the world can apply the ISO 37001 Standard.


How adaptable is the ISO 37001 standard?

ISO 37001 is can be applied and is adaptable to varied kinds of organizations. Even if a company had been effected because of incidents of bribery can implement these standards. The certification to ISO 37001 improves the brand value of any organization.


Can ISO 37001 be integrated to other management system?

Yes ISO 37001 can be integrated to any management system standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 Standard.

The following topics should be covered by organizations for successful certification

  • Anti bribery Policy, objectives
  • Anti-corruption, procedures and controls including carrying out mystery audits and due diligence.
  • Leadership, commitment and responsibility by top management
  • Training to prevent Bribery or Corruption in the form of favours, gifts and cash.
  • Risk assessment based on ISO 31000 or FMEA.
  • Risk prioritization.
  • Measuring and Monitoring including investigation and actions.
  • Corrective actions
  • Continual improvement

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