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ISO 45001 Controls to Prevent COVID-19

ISO 45001 Controls to prevent COVID 19

ISO 45001 Controls to prevent COVID 19 Infections

1. Conduct HIRA

2. Consider COVID as a SignIficant Risk

3. Follow the 5 steps Hierarchy for Virus control 4. Record any incidents and report to Regulatory body. Contact SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM for Hazard and risk assessment and Virus control procedures in line with regulatory bodies and ISO 45001 requirements.


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Launched ISO 45001-2018



Yes coming soon…ISO 45001-2018. This will change the way organisations would implement a safety management system. Right through the start of the journey until certification there are more than 54 “shall” requirements to be followed, implemented and verified at all levels of implementation.

Gone are the days where only few clauses of OHSAS 18001 were implemented with few steps related to Hazard and risk assessment, objectives and targets were being distributed.

With the launch of the ISO 45001-2018 emphasis is on Risks and Opportunities, Context of the organisation, Deeper thoughts and inputs on Interested parties, External and Internal issues, Detailed Programs, Effective dissemination of policy to outsiders and employees, Effective trainings to all vendors and employees and many more.

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