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Benefits of ISO 55001 Certification

Benefits of ISO 55001 Certification

There are many advantages of accomplishing ISO 55001 certification. With ISO 55001 certification Global quality services help organizations to set up a training around the utilization of energy that decreases business hazard and further develops efficiency and tasks. This wilful EnMS standard assists associations with helping energy efficiency and cut expenses, eventually helping your association. ISO 55001 is a resource the board framework standard, the primary goal of which is to assist associations with dealing with the lifecycle of resources all the more viably. By carrying out ISO 55001 associations will have better command over day by day exercises, accomplish better yield with their resources, and lessen the all-out cost of hazard.

This standard can be applied to all authoritative designs of organizations, and to a wide range of resources.ISO 55001 will direct you toward huge resource the board enhancements by empowering you to meet the partner, business and legitimate necessities. It is the organization’s most powerful protection for setting aside cash and time. By dealing with the resources appropriately you will actually want to utilize your accessible resources shrewdly and get more out of their use while conveying increased the value of the business. By constantly further developing the energy-related cycles. Ceaseless improvement permits your association to be at the cutting edge of energy innovation advancement, and furthermore will keep you on target to meet your goals. Persistent improve additionally keeps your association on time and permits you to screen and guarantee that minor individualities are alleviated before they become significant issues. Lessen ozone harming substance outflow when utilizing energy all the more productively. Utilizing new energy innovation can possibly decrease ozone depleting substances.

  • Ozone depleting substances cause an unnatural weather change – an abrupt ascent in temperature which negatively affects the climate.
  • Making organized techniques for recognizing energy markers to decrease the general expense.
  • Using outsider examiners, energy use detailing is considered more solid by the market
  • Make Awareness of Roles in the Workplace.

ISO 55001 permits each worker inside your association to know about their job in Energy Management

Global quality services provide several Corporations advantage through ISO 55001 certifications.  ISO 55001 works on functional productivity and cost decreases in all areas, this incorporates fabricating, business structures, utilities, government offices, army installations, and then some. Regardless size your organization is, ISO 55001 was intended to be utilized paying little mind to what area or how enormous your association is.

According to the research done by our best team, The U.S. DOE examined 10 offices that executed ISO 55001 to comprehend their reserve funds. The examination shows: $36,000–$938,000 in cost reserve funds each year (overall) inside 15 months of beginning execution Energy execution enhancements of 5.6% to 30.6% more than three years. $430,000 or more in reserve funds every year from low-or no-cost functional enhancements.

GQS emphasizes on ISO 55001 certification because GQS is intended to help you in the appropriate treatment of cycles and dangers, which will prompt the improvement of current and future organization execution. In addition, the execution of an Asset Management System that conforms to ISO 55001 empowers the association to adjust its goals to resource the executive’s framework targets which drives the association towards accomplishing its expected results. In addition, ISO 55001 adjusts the association’s goals to resource the board targets since the reason for resource the executives is accomplishing authoritative destinations.

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GQS India signs up with Sprng Energy Private Limited for ISO 55001:2014, Asset Management System consultancy

GQS India signs up with Sprng Energy Private Limited for ISO 55001:2014

ISO 55001:2014 standardsare identified with resource the executives. This standard indicates the prerequisites for resource the board framework. This standard will assist your business with dealing with the existence pattern of your resources inside the association. Global quality services is one of the biggest and driving ISO 55001 advisors. Global quality services are transnational ISO certification specialists with customers in various regions of the planet. GQS gives fast, result situated and simple to carry out counsel and preparing for ISO 55001 certification.

GQS have been related with different associations across the world for their ISO 55001 certification projects. Regardless of whether you are a little association or a global corporate, our demonstrated conference arrangements will guarantee that you carry out ISO 55001 norms in the best way with opportune task culmination. ISO 55001 resources the executives framework execution with the advisors and specialists of global quality services guarantees 100% fruitful ISO 55001 certification as well as further develops process execution and business tasks.


GQS helps help your organization in your resource the executives setting through ISO 55001 certification to get your organization ISO 55001 affirmed rapidly without lifting a finger of execution and in the most financially savvy way. We ensure that ISO 55001 standard execution doesn’t simply turn into a documentation action yet additionally a lifestyle for the association that establishes a framework for Total resource Management and business cognizant hierarchical culture.

We offer nearby and online meeting answers for ISO 55001 certification. Our clients have been using our services for beginning certification conference as well as for present certification discussion on guarantee that we consistently increase the value of their business cycles and quality normalization drives.

Our ISO 55001 execution conference services incorporate mindfulness preparing, resource the executives strategy – targets studio, hole examination, documentation configuration including manuals, techniques, work guidelines, designs and so on, execution help and preparing, inner inspector preparing, lead reviewer preparing, help with directing inside review, pre-appraisal review and all that needed to guarantee a 100% fruitful ISO 55001 certification review inside booked venture culmination time-frame. Greatest advantage an association escapes ISO 55001 is improvement in business process control through process normalization. Regardless advantages you are searching for from ISO 55001 executions, we will ensure that your association benefits from ISO 55001 certification.

There are a few advantages of executing ISO 55001:

  • Best practices to oversee life pattern of resources
  • Reduces hazard identified with responsibility for
  • Improved quality confirmation as resources assumes fundamental part in arrangement
  • Legal prerequisites of resources are kept up with
  • Supports business development globally
  • Improved monetary execution

With a group of profoundly qualified specialists and coaches having tremendous modern experience, global quality services helps associations across the world to carry out and accomplish ISO 55001 certification. Our services are profoundly proficient, time bound and successful, bringing about the simplicity of execution and increase the value of the business cycles of the customer’s association.

GQS offers ISO 55001 execution, discussion, hole investigation, documentation, inward reviews, pre-appraisal reviews, certification review through best of the certification bodies and post certification improvement and upkeep services to empower your association to get the best out of ISO 55001 administration framework. Global quality services are globally acknowledged, definitive and benchmarked in the field of ISO 55001.

Contact  9845313910  for further information

Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum


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