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R2 SERI migration to R2 Version 3 R2:V3

R2 Certification, R2 SERI Trainings, R2 SERI Consulting, R2 Certified recyclers

R2 SERI Responsible recycling standards 2013 will soon be revised as R2:V3 by September 2019.

With more focus on Mass balance and structural changes to the existing R2:2013 version, the standard is undergoing a in-depth technical review and performance appraisal.

After consulting all interested parties in various supply chain of R2 Recyclers, SERI will soon publish the draft R2:2019 version which is called the R2:V3 Version 3 in 2019.

As in other management system standards, a highly anticipated window period of 2 years will be provided for recyclers to upgrade to the newer version of the SERI R2:V3 Standard.

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Bluebirch R2 Certification


R2 Certification, R2 Consultancy, R2 Consultant, R2 Certificate

R2 Certification, R2 Consultancy, R2 Consultant, R2 Certificate

Bluebirch a leading company in Refurbishing of electronic devices has now embarked the journey of implemening the R2 Certification. R2 Certification is called Responsible Recycling which involves implementing management system which involves Downstream vendors and processes at various levels of the organization in Refurbishing and recycling.

With detailed study on Focus material and its control, R2 Certification has gained lot of momentum in all recycling companies. The standard also mandates recycling organizations to meet the Regulatory and requirements of the Interested parties.

For R2 Certification, R2 Consultancy, R2 Consultant, R2 Certificate call 9845313910 or email SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM


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