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Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling

Recycling of electronic products involve lot of responsible care with respect to Quality, Health and Safety, Ethical regulations and GQS has it all.

From identifying the right R2 SERI Certified facility with complete Life cycle assessment to getting the products repaired / recycled using approved legal and scientific methods of recycling, GQS does it all for you.

Should you have I.T Assets and looking for R2 Certified vendor to recycle / repair Laptops, Desktops, IPads, Servers, CRT, UPS Batteries, Printers, Printed circuit boards, Capacitors, Data Sanitizing using NIST standards drop us an email to  SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM or call us on 9845313910

Destruction / Repair Reports shall be issued to all assets containing unique numbers.

Geographical collection feasibility

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum


R2 SERI Certification starts at SOGO Synergy, Bangalore

R2 SERI Certification
R2 SERI Certification

R2 SERI Certification


R2 SERI Certification project has been imitated by the management of SOGO Synergy.

Sogo Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is itself a recycling company. Sogo Synergy Pvt. Ltd. registered with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board for management and recycling and disposal of all our e-waste.

Sogo Synergy Pvt. Ltd. will collect all our E-waste generated from PAN India and disposes the same at their Shed No. A-57, KSSIDC Industrial estate, Bommasandra, Hosur Road, Anekal Tq, Bangalore Urban District-560099.

Sogo Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is having all authorisation related to e-waste dismantling from KPCB/CPCB and having all connects related to Air/Water/Hazardous waste. We have a capacity of 600 MT per annum.

Keeping in view our sales volume and generation of e-waste as per our future e-waste targets and our expansion plan we have decided to follow these mechanisms in our organisation for the collection of e-waste

Sogo Synergy Pvt. Ltd. if any customer wants to hand over their old product they can reach us or call us on Toll-Free No 1800 102 4780. Our representatives explain them about the process of disposal of e-waste and make them aware about nearest drop point available for dropping off e-waste also inform about incentives; we will offer to them against their end of life product. If any customer wants to handover the e-waste from their doorsteps, we do send either our logistics team or Sogo Synergy Pvt. Ltd. team to collect the items and channelise the same to our e-waste partner plant for final processing.

From identifying Focus material until handling, storage and disposal – GQS will be supporting SOGO in its quest towards maintaining a sustainable system for R2 SERI Certification. All addendums and guidelines of SERI R2 Responsible recycling have been used as a reference to implement in SOGO.
The R2 Certification project is planned for completion by December 2019.
Located in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Goa, Delhi, Mumbai and keen in implementing R2 SERI Standards for your recycling or repair centres, please drop an email to SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM or call us on 9845313910 / 9741501910.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International R2 SERI – Steps for R2 SERI Certification

R2 SERI Certification, R2 SERI Consultants, R2 SERI License, R2 SERI ANAB accreditation

R2 SERI Certification, R2 SERI Consultants, R2 SERI License, R2 SERI ANAB accreditation


Right from identification of the various applicable R2 Provisions and help in identifying the right exclusion allowance, GQS India supports electronic recyclers in achieving the coveted R2 Responsible recycling standards. Approved by SERI, the steps for R2 Certification will be

  1. Identifying the right R2 Provision
  2. Documenting the R2 SERI Provisions
  3. Documenting the R2 SERI allowances
  4. Applying for SERI License

Call 9845313910, 9845078743 to know more about R2 SERI Certification, R2 SERI Consultants, R2 SERI License, R2 SERI ANAB accreditation



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