Completing 20 years of journey since 2001, feels like more than a decade. These 20 years of journey was so beautiful and precious.Hard work, Loyalty, and Diligence are the cornerstones of great employees. And we’re glad that our employees and customers are in-line with those high qualities.

There isn’t any better moment than today to appreciate and wish good luck for our employees and our customers who drove us to this long way and also many years to come.Quite frankly, we are one among the first few consultants to be approved by NABET and NRBPT QCI.  We’ve always believed in delivering the best ISO consultancy across various clients. It’s our goal that we accomplished the leading services and kept traces over 41 countries and 1500 customers.

‘To aspire is to inspire’ and with that note, we take our 20 years of journey as an inspiration to pave the path for the upcoming years. This way we stay true and legitimate to our motto: ‘Quality’ as in Global Quality Services.

We are striving hard to stand out and manage from the competition through our mission and values and we thank our diversified customers pinned over different regions and from different sectors. On the mark, we commensurate to our values and take these 20 years of journey as a remainder to continue our organization’s stability and growth and create a better visual timeline in the future.

Global Quality Services aligns this celebration as a motivation by evaluating the strenuous and thoroughgoing experiences faced by each and every member of this team. We believe in our brand and succinctly in our bulletin section, we have our hard workers and clients as a tone of the service we offered since 2001. The team of GQS focuses only on the high-level overview of company and aims to express the richness of ISO consultancy services in our expanding history of growth – in a more compelling and compact manner.