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BOSCH starts ISO 41001-2018 Facility Management certification implementation


BOSCH starts ISO 41001 Facility Management certification implementation

Bosch Bangalore kick starts the ISO 41001 Facility Management system FMS certification. The support includes

  1. Gap analysis based on ISO 41001 FMS
  2. Writing Manuals based on ISO 41001 FMS
  3. Risk assessment based on ISO 31001
  4. Policy and objectives preparation, review and update as per ISO 41001 FMS
  5. Training to Facility management team based on ISO 41001
  6. Identification of ISO 41001 Accredited Certification body
  7. Internal audit based on ISO 41001
  8. Certification for ISO 41001

Should you be interested in your facility to be certified for ISO 41001 or if you are a software provider for Facility management company, do not hesitate to contact us for ISO 41001 FMS Certification, ISO 41001 FMS Consultancy, ISO 41001 Training, ISO 41001 Consultants

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