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British Retail consortium formed in January 1992 is at the forefront which aims at enhancing, assisting, informing and shaping the dynamic industry that is undergoing transformational change.BRC leads the Industry and works with the members to influence the issues and create opportunities that will surely make a positive difference.

BRC certification:

BRC certification sets the standards that manufacturers have to match with, in different product areas, such as food, packaging and consumer products. Most of the retailers in Great Britain/UK expect the suppliers to furnish the guidelines set by BRC global Standards. Procuring BRC certificate will surely provide independent certification that the product or the process will comply with  international standards. This will protect the brand and minimise the risk. BRC certificate stands for the commitment of the company towards the quality process which in turn enables access to top retailers.


BRC aims at  regular checking of schedule of the industry pertaining to sales, food and price inflation, elevating the consumer confidence and value added tax interest.


  • The company meets the guidelines set by HACCP standard
  • Proper iimplementaion of effective quality management system
  • Periodical internal physical audit of products, processes and personnel.


GQS British Retail Consortium or BRC Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

GQS consultants  have an established, experienced BRC Technical team that provides timely expert support to ensure the development of standards through a process of collaboration and continuous improvement. We can help you with the complete  British Retail Consortium or BRC certification process from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

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