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WHAT IS ISO 41001 ?

ISO 41001 is a best practice framework for a facility management (FM) system that is recognized internationally. It facilitates you as an FM provider in acknowledging the scope of your responsibilities and developing a management structure with adequate resources to address your needs and the strategies of those to whom you provide services. SO 41001,is like the other ISO standards, is the most recent standard issued by the International Standard Organization. It’s also known as facility management, with ISO 41001. ISO 41001 was put in place to establish the requirements for a facility management system in organizations that:-

Want to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management, as well as how it contributes to the organization’s goals,

Seek consistency in defining the requirements and needs of all parties involved in the facility management process, and

In a highly competitive environment, strive to be sustainable.
Before ISO 41001 was introduced in April 2018, supporting documents were also published, such as B. Standards that describe FM vocabulary, key concepts, benefits, and business history. The purpose of the standard is to help organizations demonstrate efficient and effective FM in order to achieve consistency in defining FM requirements and achieving sustainability. It standardizes the concepts and requirements of FM so that it can be used by organizations of all sizes.


The standard was created in response to the facilities management market’s rapid growth and increased complexity. It also reflects the sector’s growing needs and pressures, such as:

New legal requirements

Increasing environmental and sustainability considerations

Increasing resilience and security necessitate changes in how the modern workplace is designed, used, and equipped, which are frequently driven by technological advancement.

he corporate social responsibility movement

Why Is ISO 41001 Certification Necessary for Business Success ?

The standard, as a strategic tool and set of guidelines, establishes a structure and framework, as well as organizational processes and the need for key skills and competencies. The standard provides appropriate guidance in a manner similar to the existing Quality, Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Management System Standards.
ISO 41001 certification, like a badge that can significantly contribute to a department’s, business’s, and brand’s success, indicates to other businesses and clients that the certified organization is invested in the following factors:

Overall environmental impact: FM-certified businesses demonstrate a strong concern for the impact of their operations on their local and regional environments.

2. Financial responsibility: Since facility management costs are typically an organization’s second-highest expenditure, the efficiencies that FM promotes demonstrate a company’s financial responsibility as well as its commitment to eliminating wasteful practices.
3.Facility efficiency: Certification demonstrates that a company takes proper responsibility for the effective management of its assets in order to minimize the costs associated with their operation while maximizing their use.
4.Workspace compliance: FM certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to providing a quality working environment for its employees by ensuring workspaces are healthy, safe, and compliant.

How Does Facility Management Correlate People, Facilities, And Processes ?

According to the International Facility Management Association, facility management employs a variety of disciplines to help ensure the safety, comfort, and efficiency of a purpose-built environment that includes the people, buildings, processes, and technologies on which a business depends. As a result, the FM industry is thriving. It has experienced average annual growth of six to eight percent in recent years, and its global market value is expected to exceed $1.3 trillion by the end of 2018. Clearly, FM is in an excellent position to be standardized by the ISO — the world’s largest and most experienced standardization body — due to its ability to assist businesses in providing great places to work that are also cost-effective and increasingly environmentally friendly.


Certification can be a useful tool for increasing credibility by demonstrating that your product or service meets your customers’ expectations.
ISO 41001 provides the following benefits to both in-house and outsourced FM organizations:

Improved brand image, credibility, and currency
A framework for meeting requirements
Enhanced quality and cost containmentincreased workforce productivity, safety, health, and well-being
Improved requirements and methodology communication within and between public and private sector organizations
Improved efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in cost savings for organizations

Enhanced service consistency
Providing a unified platform for all types of organizations


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ISO 41001 is related with Facility Management the board (FM). It incorporates different orders to impact the proficiency and profitability of economies of social orders, networks and associations, just as the way in which people connect with the constructed climate. Global quality services in Bangalore incorporates all the techniques to offer ISO 41001 certification. FM influences the wellbeing, prosperity and personal satisfaction of a large part of the world’s social orders and populace through the administrations it oversees and conveys. While FM has a particularly wide effect, acknowledgment of its standards and practices at a worldwide level has been deficient. This archive gives the premise to a typical translation and comprehension of FM and the manners by which it can profit associations, all things considered helps in the process of ISO 41001 facility management certification.

The leading ISO certification consultation services in Bangalore – Global Quality services, are satisfying all the requirements of the clients. The advancement of the market for FM administrations would be improved by the presence of a typical worldwide design and supporting norm. The area profits by a typical premise whereupon FM can be evaluated and estimated. This is the essential driver for, and motivation behind, this record. In an around the world serious climate, FM associations and suppliers need to impart among themselves and with invested individuals utilizing basic standards, ideas and terms, including appraisal and estimation of execution. This record is expected to increase the expectation of care and increment levels of value, consequently animating authoritative development and rivalry for the conveyance of FM.

The advantages of an incorporated framework standard for FM 41001 with Global Quality Service includes:

*Improved labour force efficiency, security and wellbeing and prosperity

*Improved correspondence of necessities and approaches among and among public and private area associations

*Improved proficiency and adequacy, in this manner improving money saving advantages to associations

*Improved help consistency

*Giving a typical stage to a wide range of associations.


*Leading supplier of Quality Services to the Energy Industry and other related areas all through the world.

*As a group of talented, experienced and profoundly energetic experts, we are reasonably glad for our effective history and outstanding standing.

*We have an exceptionally energetic and submitted group of experts, working intimately with every one of our customers to guarantee we have the definite comprehension of their prerequisites that empowers us to convey financially savvy Second-and Third-Party Inspection Services just as Technical Audits, Quality Management Consultancy, Expediting, Welding Services including Welding Supervision, and Procedure Specification, Technical Manpower and Pipelay (Field Joint Coating and Double Jointing QAQC Support).

*We put stock in working with fantastic connections between end-clients and providers. From the positive input we get, we realize this significant way of thinking is exceptionally esteemed by our customers.

*We blossom with the expert fulfilment of meeting the steadily changing difficulties of the global energy industry and different areas in which we work.

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Facility management as per ISO 41001:2018

Requirements specified in ISO 41001:2018 –

Facility Management in a nutshell –

Facility management is formed by 2 words, which we are well familiar with, in our day-to-day life, facilities & management.

Facility refers to the work environment or the place where we work in.

Hence it is important, to keep the place where, people from different places come to work and spend their most part of the day, safe, sanitized, clean, as per disaster safety standards & people friendly.

Hence to summarize, Facilities management is a profession, which includes, safety, comfort, and efficiency of the workplace, keeping in mind its continuous functionality, by integrating people, process & technology. Global quality services will assist you in the ISO certification process and helps you in the facility management certification process.

ISO 41001:2018 –

As you all might be aware, ISO – International Organization for Standardization, is a federation or we can say group of national standard bodies, also called ISO member bodies, which culminate to form different technical committees on different subject matters, to draw out or to define, international standards for that subject matter.

ISO 41001:2018 is one such standard, which chalks out, requirements for Facility management system.

The requirements specified in this standard, are completely neutral, that means, these are not chalked out, keeping in mind any organization, or sector of organization, or size & nature & geographic location of the organization.

These requirements are applicable, to public or private sector, to small or mid-cap or large organization, may it belong to IT or Automobile or Finance and may it be located anywhere, it covers them all.

Requirements specified in ISO 41001:2018 –

Quite often, organization, contact external teams for facility management, hence, the requirements are structured in consideration to that, in below points –

  • Requirements in context of the organization
  1. Understanding the organization & its context –

As part of this, a FM team, need to evaluate and understand the context of the organization, which includes, what the organization do, who are the customers, suppliers and what is the end product and based on that, draw out potential risks.

  1. Understanding the needs and expectations of involved parties
  2. Determining the scope of the FM system –

Based on above points determine the scope of the FM system.

  1. FM system –

Once, scope is defined, draw out the FM system.

  • Requirements for Leadership
  1. Leadership & commitment –

Top level management of the organization must be committed, they should provide required resources and competent people, and they need to demonstrate accountability.

  1. Policy
  2. Organizational roles, responsibilities & authorities
  • Requirements as part of planning
  1. Actions to address risks and opportunities –

As part of this, FM team, need to determine some detailed actions, which needs to be taken, to encounter risks, identified as part of understanding organizational context.

  1. FM objectives and planning to achieve them –

Based on the actions determined, FM team need to chalk out the objectives and a well-structured plan to carry out those actions.

  • Requirements as part of support –

This talks about, the support required to carry out tasks planned by FM team, mostly top-level management is responsible for providing this support, which includes –

  1. Providing Resources
  2. Providing Competent people
  3. Spreading Awareness
  4. Communication
  5. Documented Information
  6. Organizational Knowledge
  • Requirements as part of operations –

Implementing and carrying out the detailed, chalked out plan.

  1. Operational planning and control
  2. Coordination with involved parties
  3. Integration of services
  • Requirements as part of performance evaluation

Once all the actions and tasks are completed and FM system is implemented, it is necessary to evaluate and monitor it, to check, if there are loopholes remaining.

  1. Monitoring, measurement, analysis & evaluation
  2. Internal audit
  3. Management review
  • Requirements as part of improvement –

Monitoring is a continuous process and it might uncover some loopholes in the FM system, so it is important to chalk out some corrective actions for those loopholes and implement them and also think about some preventative actions to block out some discrepancies to appear in the future.

  1. Nonconformity & corrective action
  2. Continual improvement
  3. Preventive actions

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Services Offered :-

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GQS Supports BOSCH in ISO 50001-2018, ISO 41001 Facility Management Certification

ISO 50001, ISO 41001 By a German Agency

We are leading in consultancy and certification support to Large companies across various lines of biz both in India and overseas. We are pleased to add BOSCH into our list of elite customers who are now certified to ISO 50001, ISO 41001 by a German agency.

ISO 50001 Certification, ISO 50001 Consultancy, ISO 50001 Consultant  in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Please drop us an mail at SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM or call us on 9845313910

ISO 41001-2018 Certification, ISO 41001 Consultant, ISO 41001 Certificate, ISO 41001 Consultancy, ISO 41001 Training

FMS, ISO 41001 Certificate, ISO 41001 Certification, ISO 41001 Consultant

One of the most awaited standards for 2018 was the Facility management system FMS . Although FMS was neglected in business and standards were not being followed, off late there are lot of organisations who insist that their Facilities are managed by professional companies.

FMS can be applied to an office managing multiple facilities such as offices, commercial establishments, apartments, airports, railway stations, bus-stands etc.

Facility management includes

  1. House keeping
  2. Plant maintenance
  3. Facility maintenance
  4. Security
  5. Transportation
  6. Parking management
  7. Visitor management

ISO 41001:2018 is the latest version of the Facility management system which have 7 requirements which can be applied in Corporates, IT Park, Airport, Railway stations, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Apartments, Housing estates.

What are the documents, steps required for ISO 41001 Certification audit, ISO 41001 implementation

  1. Preparation of FMS ISO 41001 Manual
  2. Preparation of Mandatory procedures required by the ISO 41001
  3. Preparation, training of Operational control procedures for all the FMS identified.
  4. Preparation of Policy and Objective documents
  5. Training and competency upgradation
  6. Compliance to Legal registry considering all statutory and regulatory bodies
  7. Risk assessment, controls based on ISO 31000
  8. Training on ISO 41001:2018

Wish to implement or certify ISO 41001 Facility management standards in your company located in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Vapi, Coimbatore drop an email to SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM or call 9845313910

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