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ISO in 7 days, Cheap ISO, ISO for Rs 4999, ISO Start-up

ISO in 7 days, Cheap ISO, ISO for Rs 4999, ISO Start-up

ISO in 7 days, Cheap ISO, ISO for Rs 4999, ISO Start-up

There are several ads enticing clients for ISO in 7 days, Cheap ISO, ISO for Rs 4999, ISO Start-up..while most claim to meet the deliverables in few hours to few is not prudent for organizations to look for short cuts which does not help in any ways.

While it takes several weeks for implementation of process, wonder how organisations get trapped by these fraudulent means and exposed by clients who insist their vendors for certification to meet the supplier selection criteria !

Why get into an embarrassed situation by procuring certificates which are available dirt cheap..implement a good system and proudly announce the certification process to your employees and your clients.

Since 1987, GQS has been involved in various Certification and consultancy projects in India and abroad and have never seen the change in attitude of organisations in meeting customer satisfaction.

Organisations which look for professional approach always look for the best and short cuts are not a part of any ethical business.

Lot of articles are written these days to bring in awareness in clients who are looking at short cuts..beware ISO is not about just plaque being hung on the wall. It is about documenting processes and controlling them.

Do contact us to know more about genuine ISO Certification process which normally takes a minimum of 2 months..9845078743 OR 9845313910 SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM

Certificates which can be offered are ISO 29990, ISO 50001, ISO 55001, AS 9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001.

Looking for ISO 50001 Consultant in Bangalore, Goa, Chennai ?


Yes we are there in Bangalore, Goa and Chennai for conducting Energy assessment, Review, writing Energy profile and documenting the ISO 50001 requirements to meet the certification assessment.

With BEE approved Energy auditors we provide value addition in every energy audit and perform fine Energy review to bring in lot of cost savings.

Call 9845313910 to learn more.

ISO 50001 Consultant for Efficient Energy management


ISO 50001 Energy management consultants require lot of experience in Engineering and Electricals.

With approval from Bureau of Energy Efficiency BEE, Qualified Energy auditors conduct a thorough Energy audits identifying the various Energy consuming equipments which forms the basis of the Energy Profile.

Four things you must know while selecting the right ISO 50001 Consultant

  1. Is the consultant a Lead auditor in ISO 50001
  2. Are they approved by BEE
  3. Do they have a Energy audit team with BEE Approved equipments.
  4. Do they possess experience in implementing Projects based on Energy profile.

Call the RIGHT ISO 50001 Energy management consultant to provide technical and professional guidance.

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