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Let’s imagine you want to start your own company and you have the product ready. You want your product to deliver to the big retailer and to big brands. So, the retailer checks the delivery papers and he finds the availability of the product and as there is no IFS certificate and you get rejected. Global Quality services will help you in the process of getting ISO certification. Let’s get into the road of IFS certified company?

The first step is to go to the internet and search the There you’ll find standard and many guidelines of IFS certification. Download them and it’s totally free. After becoming familiar, navigate the partners with a list of certification bodies in your locality. Pick the best certification body for your company among all the listed certification bodies near to your locality.

The next step is that you and the certification body should exchange the requirements of the important and specific information such as product, the process, the order and schedules of your company and mainly discuss the process. And do not share this information with anyone till the process is done. Just make an agreement with your company and certification body for the product to be settling. Then the audit process begins and the Global Quality services which is the leading ISO consultation firm helps you with the same. Depending upon the status of your company you can request the optional pre-audit from your certification body. If all the procedures are in place then the certification body sends the auditor to perform an initial audit.

The Auditor checks all the requirements and guarantees whether it’s a safe product or not. It is done in 8 weeks and the procedure is as follows:

1)A brief introductory meeting had been conducted between an auditor and the company’s owner.

2)The auditor asks for the related document of the product.

3) The auditor checks the companies operation, specific incidents, and some specific details of the company.

3)After done with the checking of the documents. The auditor takes the tour of the company. She takes the tour of the facility, checks the sanitary, structured condition of the facility, hygiene status, and the production area.

4)The auditor especially checks the foreign body management.

5)After checking all these she mentions if there are any irregularities that they should be working on immediately

6)The auditor also checks whether the transport and product are done correctly

7)The auditor also checks the outdoor inspection, site storage facilities etc.

8)Again the auditor checks the documents and after inspecting indoor and outdoor requirements the auditor recommends certification to the certified body.

After completing a maximum of eight weeks the certification body issues the IFS certificate audit. So, congratulations now you have your IFS certificate and you can start your dream business or company.

The last and final thing is that if you want your company to grow or reach the big brands or the big shops you can enter into the IFS database. Anyways it’s optional though and it all just depends on you. So, every IFS-certified company has a chance to be entered into the IFS database. IFS database is a platform where the certification bodies, certified companies,

retailers, and other users take place. If you wish to join the IFS database you need to register in the IFS database. Then you can find many retailers, certified companies and many others can find your company, and soon you will have your product in stores worldwide.

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India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum



List of MSME organizations who have availed subsidy from government for expenses on ISO certification


List of MSME organizations who have availed subsidy from government for expenses on ISO certification

Government Subsidy 75% availed by the following clients in 2013-14

1. Finetech Peenya certified by TUV Inter Cert
2. Sreenivasa Engieering Peenya certified by Integrated Quality certification
3. SYS Industries Mahadevpura certified by Global Certification Services
4. Cee Pee Tech Bommasandra certified by GCS
5. Divya Enterprises certified by TUV
6. Digant technologies, Whitefield certified by TUV
7. Tippers and Trailers India Pvt Ltd, Bommasandra certified by Bureau Veritas

Call 9845313910 to avail subsidy from Government for ISO certification

Why spend on ISO Certification ?..when Government bears the expenses !!


GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES can make your ISO certification subsidized

It is a time when you can think of not only getting a certified from ISO but also about saving your hard earned dearly hold money. We all love saving few bucks when you get that job done along with getting an ISO certification then? Oh! You will love that. Make your life beautiful with this fabulous opportunity that you can avail right now from wherever you are.

GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES, the primero uno consultancy firm takes care of your profit subsidising the ISO certification expense.

This year we have helped over 14 companies in Peenya, Bommasandra and Dabbaspet to reduce their expense by helping them seventy five percent subsidy from the Indian government.

Subsidized ISO certified is achievable by QCI approved ISO Consultant – GQS


Now it’s easy on your pocket also

ISO certification rate has got reduced is an unbelievable story that you may not believe but now be assured it is a reality.

A reality as much as you like to wink you can but these will not change this in fact cannot change but the question remains is it for everyone? The answer is a bit harsh? NO.

In accordance to Government of India any company under the consultancy firm that have QCI sanction.

Now you may be baffled in choosing the best consultancy where you may go. Go to the GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES who has recently enough have lent a hand to many MSME companies  to get hold of their ISO certification subsidized by huge percentage.

The leading consultancy in ISO Certification


GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICE or GQS is the eminent consultancy service firm in India. With their assistance the hardships regarding ISO certification flies away into thin air. Their way of working is quite unique as they not only stand and perform by your side till the certification is done but still carries on their service after the certification is over with minimum fuss. GQS is the exact trustworthy consultancy that you might be looking for.

Their services cover up all the problematic arenas of your company and develop and upgrade it. They do better your Turn Around Time and operational controls and increase morale value and job retention, and also improve the total work environment.

ISO for Software, Hardware, Factory, Servicing and any kind of industry from GQS


GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICE is now in every corner of the country, INDIA

GQS the leading consultancy firm in regard to ISO certification is there in every nooks and corner of this vast country. We are now taking every possible care of yours and from every possible place.

With offices now in nearly every major cities as in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad they are best ever ISO consultancy firm of India who will reach you in a moment.

With that we provide service every for industrial sectors related to softwares, Engineering  based industries , Industries based on Chemical, Education Service based Industries, Pharmaceutical and  Food industries. They also take care of the banking and the industries related to banks and also hospitals.

The need for ISO Certification is mandatory


The ISO certification is widely validated as the certificate to trust on in India and overseas.

Companies with this certification are becoming more and more prosperous daily is a well-known fact today.

ISO certificate is taken to be granted all around the country as the certificate which will show that the company is trustworthy and can be thought to well qualify.

To get this thing done you need to consult with someone well experienced and have the ability and willingness to help you out and this type of attitude which is hard to find can only be found in GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICE whose main aim is to serve to enhance your systems and processes.

Can ISO certification expenses get subsidized?


Yes it can, make it happen with the guidance of GQS

This fact that the government of India is subsidising the expense related to ISO certification is still not known to a wide range of companies.

But it is reality and you can also avail this fantastic offer with the help of the India’s leading ISO consultancy firm who is also is the proud owner of the QCI approval.

The previous year GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICE helped over twenty three companies to get the approval of subsidy for ISO certification. What can ever be better than this that you are not only getting your ISO certification job done and along with it you getting your expense reduced and all that with you taking no headache.

Assistance regarding ISO certification to all kinds of industries


From engineering, banking, food to hospital assistance for all

All can get guidance to get their ISO certification done in a moment.

All you have to do is to come to General Quality Service, one of the largest and prominent firms of India and just relax. Do not be anxious; they will take care of all your problems.

With their service all around India ISO certification became child’s play for everyone. Their service provision includes almost every field: – Service Industries, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Engineering, Food, Hospital, Education and Software and Chemical Industrial sectors. Not only this, they also furnish your systems through designing the formats and framing the quality procedures and manuals.


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