Let’s imagine you want to start your own company and you have the product ready. You want your product to deliver to the big retailer and to big brands. So, the retailer checks the delivery papers and he finds the availability of the product and as there is no IFS certificate and you get rejected. Global Quality services will help you in the process of getting ISO certification. Let’s get into the road of IFS certified company?

The first step is to go to the internet and search the There you’ll find standard and many guidelines of IFS certification. Download them and it’s totally free. After becoming familiar, navigate the partners with a list of certification bodies in your locality. Pick the best certification body for your company among all the listed certification bodies near to your locality.

The next step is that you and the certification body should exchange the requirements of the important and specific information such as product, the process, the order and schedules of your company and mainly discuss the process. And do not share this information with anyone till the process is done. Just make an agreement with your company and certification body for the product to be settling. Then the audit process begins and the Global Quality services which is the leading ISO consultation firm helps you with the same. Depending upon the status of your company you can request the optional pre-audit from your certification body. If all the procedures are in place then the certification body sends the auditor to perform an initial audit.

The Auditor checks all the requirements and guarantees whether it’s a safe product or not. It is done in 8 weeks and the procedure is as follows:

1)A brief introductory meeting had been conducted between an auditor and the company’s owner.

2)The auditor asks for the related document of the product.

3) The auditor checks the companies operation, specific incidents, and some specific details of the company.

3)After done with the checking of the documents. The auditor takes the tour of the company. She takes the tour of the facility, checks the sanitary, structured condition of the facility, hygiene status, and the production area.

4)The auditor especially checks the foreign body management.

5)After checking all these she mentions if there are any irregularities that they should be working on immediately

6)The auditor also checks whether the transport and product are done correctly

7)The auditor also checks the outdoor inspection, site storage facilities etc.

8)Again the auditor checks the documents and after inspecting indoor and outdoor requirements the auditor recommends certification to the certified body.

After completing a maximum of eight weeks the certification body issues the IFS certificate audit. So, congratulations now you have your IFS certificate and you can start your dream business or company.

The last and final thing is that if you want your company to grow or reach the big brands or the big shops you can enter into the IFS database. Anyways it’s optional though and it all just depends on you. So, every IFS-certified company has a chance to be entered into the IFS database. IFS database is a platform where the certification bodies, certified companies,

retailers, and other users take place. If you wish to join the IFS database you need to register in the IFS database. Then you can find many retailers, certified companies and many others can find your company, and soon you will have your product in stores worldwide.

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