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What idea does IFS follow ?

What idea does IFS follow?

IFS stand for International Featured Standards (IFS). IFS which were initially International Food Standard focusing on food safety, now provides uniform standards for food, products and services. It ensures that IFS certified companies produce a product or provide certain service which complies with customer specifications, while, at the same time continually working on process improvements.

It is more like a, risk-based assessment, so that different manufacturers and retailers can meet new requirements for quality, transparency and efficiency worldwide. It is followed by manufacturers and retailers, spanning from 90 countries on 4 continents.

If a company is certified by International Featured Standards Certification, it shows that, the company has established processes which are suitable for ensuring food and/or product safety, and that it has considered and implemented customer specifications.

Certification Is available for food manufacturers, brokers, logistics providers, manufacturers of household and hygiene products as well as wholesalers.

Key Areas of IFS –

  • Industry –

It includes, manufacturers, brokers and logisticians, to help them prevent recalls, optimize processes and facilitate the sale of products to retailers.

  • Retailers –

Since retailer is the customer’s first point of contact and therefore the face of the product, hence, IFS supports retailers, in the management of suppliers and quality assurance practices.

  • IFS Certification Bodies/Auditors –

IFS gives special attention to certification bodies and auditors, old or new, by providing them proper trainings and involving them in developing standards.

  • Consultants –

IFS recognized consultants, are consultants, who demonstrate their knowledge about IFS and are expanding it on regular basis.

IFS provides, IFS recognized Consultant Program for consultants.

Some IFS Certifications –

An IFS certification shows that, the certified company has established system suitable for ensuring food and/or product safety, and that it has considered and implemented customer specifications.

Some of the certifications provided under IFS includes –

  • IFS Food – GFSI Benchmarked standard

Applicable to food processors and organizations that pack loose food products.

  • IFS Global Markets Food

Food safety assessment program for retailers and branded food products.

  • IFS wholesale/Cash & Carry

For wholesale and cash & carry market.

  • IFS Logistics – GFSI Benchmarked Standard

Covers logistics activities including loading, unloading and transportation.

  • IFS Global Market Logistics

For small and less developed logistics service provider.

  • IFS Broker

For companies involved in trading activities.


For household and personal care products.

  • IFS PACsecure – GFSI Benchmarked Standard

For packaging material manufacturers.

IFS Certification & Consultancy in India –

IFS gives special attention to certification bodies and auditors, old or new, by providing them proper trainings and involving them in developing standards.

There are many consultancies present in India, who can provide consultancy on IFS certification in India, but one of the leading and best consultancy service providers present in Bangalore is Global Quality Services (GQS).

GQS is the best ISO Consultancy service provider in India and one of the leading ISO certification consultancy providers in whole country. GQS has provided ISO consultancy to various clients across the country towards ISO certification.

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Food safety certification is a third-party verification of whether products, processes, or systems in the food supply chain meet recognized food safety standards, and are different from other conformity assessment systems (such as supplier declarations, laboratory test reports, or reports from regulatory agencies). The safety certification is based on the results of tests, inspections, and audits, and gives consumers’ confidence because the company’s products and/or systems have been rigorously tested and meet the national and international industry standards adopted by qualified third parties. Product certification attests that a meal product complies with the protection, health to be used, and/or interchange ability traits described in standards, and in specs supplementary to standards, in which they’re asked through the market.

IFS Standards are uniform meals, product, and carrier requirements operated via way of means of the IFS, an affiliation of outlets and business companies. The reason for the harmonized IFS requirements and its certification in Saudi is to look into producers, logistics companies, agents, and marketers to make certain they may be capable of manufacture and manage security products.

The IFS Standards presently accommodate 8 requirements evolved for stakeholders concerned in all ranges of the meals’ delivery chain. By reaching IFS certification in Saudi you reveal that your organization has set up procedures appropriate for making sure meals and product safety, and carried out applicable purchaser specifications.

Organizational certification demonstrates that, for example, a meal manufacturer’s first-class, environmental or different control machine has conformed to the applicable control machine standards. Standards for control structures practice the strategies that an enterprise employs to make its merchandise or supply its offerings instead of to the real services or products themselves.

When there aren’t any felony necessities for a meal region commercial enterprise to comply with standards, meal protection certification is voluntary. In those cases, an enterprise might also additionally have its very own motives for looking for a certification of conformity to a given standard, which includes an inner product requirement, or the choice to benefit a strategic benefit with inside the market considering meals protection certification can constitute a signal of meals first-class and protection to consumers.


If an economic system or an organization desires to keep its desirable fine requirements and marketplace image, suitable specification schemes have to be evolved for all its merchandise. Most agencies need product specifications, which outline the usual fine of their merchandise and manufacturing procedures, inclusive of picking, storage, delivery, delivery, and transportation. Companies that have now no longer delivered manipulate standards may also rating sporadic fulfilment at the marketplace. Moreover, they could now no longer be capable of produce more treasured services, if insisting on recognition of all manufacturing, without evaluation of its fine and availability at the marketplace.

There are a few needs one should ensure for the quality check they are:- 

  1. Ingredient Specifications Approved Supplier List
  2. Product Formulation/Recipe
  3. Product Standards
  4. Manufacturing Procedures
  5. In-Process Records
  6. Packaging and Labelling
  7. Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation
  8. Warehousing
  9. Laboratory Analysis
  10. Recall Plan

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Global Quality Service a main consulting firm, that has given ISO Consultancy to different customers the nation over towards ISO Certification. GQS is one of the initial not many specialists to be endorsed by NABET and NRBPT QCI. GQS earnestly has confidence in Quality at each progression and achievement covered during the execution by utilizing some of most useful assets valued by the whole gang. GQS has changed the emanation of a few associations by changing their work culture and has instilled quality in each circle of activities.

GQS fortify frameworks by an interesting cycle of consultancy, which deals with your Entire Journey from Implementation till ISO Certification and Post Certification Assistance. The association includes industry experienced, qualified staff with for ISO Certification, ISO Consultancy and Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 , ISO  14001 , SA 8000, ISO 45001 , ISO 22000 , ISO 22301 , AS  9100 , ISO 55000 ,  ISO 17020 , AS 9110 , PAS 91, ISO 17025


*The association additionally provides training and consultancy for NABET accreditation, NAAC accreditation.

*Accomplished and honesty driven experts with great experience and business achievement and solid fixation with tremendous achievement rates have driven our business interaction to enhance into various information verticals like Food Safety and Aerospace.

*Recognized as a technically knowledgeable specialist with qualities in Brain storming, Business management, Lean Management, Identification of Continual improvement projects, building agreement with group for viable execution.

*Praised for judiciously overseeing human and monetary assets, can profit by solid business discernment and normal authority abilities to guide groups and clients into new headings.

*The association has very much prepared faculty in different pieces of the nation to help our customers in consultancy. GQS offers undaunted support to every one of the customers regardless of the geological area.


This accreditation can improve your operational effectiveness and item quality which in return will lend you cash and lessening your obligation hazards. The IFS reviews of GQS helps to keep food items, and subsequently purchasers, safe.


ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 is a sanitation the executives that normalize the associations for safe food conveyance from homesteads to plates. The vast majority of us would have contaminated on account of the food or water we drink outside.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is a quality administration framework that intends to normalize all parts of one or the other business or association. With this, your business is required to build benefit, win more customers, fulfil clients, set aside cash and time.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification standard means to execute powerful natural administration framework or EMS that coordinates with different necessities to help the ISO association to meet its financial and ecological objective.

ISO 45001 Certificate

Every one of your inquiries are replied by our group of specialists and do converse with us to find out about the advantages of this administration framework at different sorts of little and enormous enterprises situated across different nations and urban communities in India.

ISO 50001 Certification

The ISO 50001 norm for energy the executives is as of late distributed as an International Standard and has effectively acquired fame and force in different businesses across India.


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Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum




Global Featured Standard (IFS) Food is a GFSI-perceived norm for affirming the wellbeing and nature of food items and creation measures. The normalized IFS Food assessment framework assists with diminishing the requirement for rehash reviews, which sets aside you time and cash. The program likewise assists with improving the comprehension of value and security measures across your association and all through your whole store network, giving norms that convey consistency and straightforwardness. Global quality services in Bangalore will help you the IFS certification process as we are the leading IFS certification consultation firm in India.

The Global Food Safety Initiative is a business-driven activity for the nonstop improvement of food handling the board frameworks to guarantee trust in the conveyance of safe food to purchasers around the world. GFSI gives a stage to joint effort between a portion of the world’s driving food handling specialists from retailer, producer and food administration organizations, specialist co-ops related with the food inventory network, global associations, the scholarly community and government.


The activity was dispatched in 2000 after various food handling emergencies when purchaser certainty was at a record-breaking low. From that point forward, specialists from everywhere the world have been teaming up in various Technical Working Groups to handle current food handling issues characterized by GFSI partners. The standard covers exercises like dealing with free food, pressing and handling. To be viewed as IFS affirmed, your organization’s strategic policies should initially be evaluated by an outsider to guarantee that they adjust with IFS guidelines. Organizations with IFS affirmation require less client reviews and can utilize the “Uncertainties logo and endorsement to exhibit consistence with the best expectations,” If you are facing any difficulty to get the IFS certification, the leading consultation firm-Global quality services will assist you in the process.


  1. Get the latest variant of the IFS standard and study its prerequisites. You’ll need to investigate your organization’s present strategic policies and make a rundown of the number of changes you should make to adjust to the norm, as per uncertainties
  2. Amass a supervisory group to guarantee that the essential changes are made. On the off chance that your organization will change its strategic approaches, your senior administration should be “engaged with the creation cycle” as indicated by fundamental They will decide how to follow the norm.
  3. Start changing your strategic approaches so they agree with the norm. You should retrain your workers, and it is imperative to have great correspondences and preparing programs set up so you can carry out these changes.
  4. Make a meeting with an IFS reviewer and decide the date and seasons of your review. The examiner will survey your strategic policies. In the event that your organization doesn’t adjust to the norm, the inspector will give you an activity plan depicting what changes actually should be made for you to be in consistence.
  5. Go through the activity plan and roll out the vital improvements. You should report back the evaluator depicting the progressions you made and how these progressions permitted your organization to consent to the norm. The examiner will at that point forward the case to a confirmation group who will survey the evaluators report and the finished activity plan, as per In the event that they accept your strategic policies agree with the norm, your organization will be conceded IFS certificate.


*Improve your image picture

*Construct customer certainty

*Open your approach to new market openings

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Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum



Let’s imagine you want to start your own company and you have the product ready. You want your product to deliver to the big retailer and to big brands. So, the retailer checks the delivery papers and he finds the availability of the product and as there is no IFS certificate and you get rejected. Global Quality services will help you in the process of getting ISO certification. Let’s get into the road of IFS certified company?

The first step is to go to the internet and search the There you’ll find standard and many guidelines of IFS certification. Download them and it’s totally free. After becoming familiar, navigate the partners with a list of certification bodies in your locality. Pick the best certification body for your company among all the listed certification bodies near to your locality.

The next step is that you and the certification body should exchange the requirements of the important and specific information such as product, the process, the order and schedules of your company and mainly discuss the process. And do not share this information with anyone till the process is done. Just make an agreement with your company and certification body for the product to be settling. Then the audit process begins and the Global Quality services which is the leading ISO consultation firm helps you with the same. Depending upon the status of your company you can request the optional pre-audit from your certification body. If all the procedures are in place then the certification body sends the auditor to perform an initial audit.

The Auditor checks all the requirements and guarantees whether it’s a safe product or not. It is done in 8 weeks and the procedure is as follows:

1)A brief introductory meeting had been conducted between an auditor and the company’s owner.

2)The auditor asks for the related document of the product.

3) The auditor checks the companies operation, specific incidents, and some specific details of the company.

3)After done with the checking of the documents. The auditor takes the tour of the company. She takes the tour of the facility, checks the sanitary, structured condition of the facility, hygiene status, and the production area.

4)The auditor especially checks the foreign body management.

5)After checking all these she mentions if there are any irregularities that they should be working on immediately

6)The auditor also checks whether the transport and product are done correctly

7)The auditor also checks the outdoor inspection, site storage facilities etc.

8)Again the auditor checks the documents and after inspecting indoor and outdoor requirements the auditor recommends certification to the certified body.

After completing a maximum of eight weeks the certification body issues the IFS certificate audit. So, congratulations now you have your IFS certificate and you can start your dream business or company.

The last and final thing is that if you want your company to grow or reach the big brands or the big shops you can enter into the IFS database. Anyways it’s optional though and it all just depends on you. So, every IFS-certified company has a chance to be entered into the IFS database. IFS database is a platform where the certification bodies, certified companies,

retailers, and other users take place. If you wish to join the IFS database you need to register in the IFS database. Then you can find many retailers, certified companies and many others can find your company, and soon you will have your product in stores worldwide.

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Services Offered :-

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum




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