Global Featured Standard (IFS) Food is a GFSI-perceived norm for affirming the wellbeing and nature of food items and creation measures. The normalized IFS Food assessment framework assists with diminishing the requirement for rehash reviews, which sets aside you time and cash. The program likewise assists with improving the comprehension of value and security measures across your association and all through your whole store network, giving norms that convey consistency and straightforwardness. Global quality services in Bangalore will help you the IFS certification process as we are the leading IFS certification consultation firm in India.

The Global Food Safety Initiative is a business-driven activity for the nonstop improvement of food handling the board frameworks to guarantee trust in the conveyance of safe food to purchasers around the world. GFSI gives a stage to joint effort between a portion of the world’s driving food handling specialists from retailer, producer and food administration organizations, specialist co-ops related with the food inventory network, global associations, the scholarly community and government.


The activity was dispatched in 2000 after various food handling emergencies when purchaser certainty was at a record-breaking low. From that point forward, specialists from everywhere the world have been teaming up in various Technical Working Groups to handle current food handling issues characterized by GFSI partners. The standard covers exercises like dealing with free food, pressing and handling. To be viewed as IFS affirmed, your organization’s strategic policies should initially be evaluated by an outsider to guarantee that they adjust with IFS guidelines. Organizations with IFS affirmation require less client reviews and can utilize the “Uncertainties logo and endorsement to exhibit consistence with the best expectations,” If you are facing any difficulty to get the IFS certification, the leading consultation firm-Global quality services will assist you in the process.


  1. Get the latest variant of the IFS standard and study its prerequisites. You’ll need to investigate your organization’s present strategic policies and make a rundown of the number of changes you should make to adjust to the norm, as per uncertainties
  2. Amass a supervisory group to guarantee that the essential changes are made. On the off chance that your organization will change its strategic approaches, your senior administration should be “engaged with the creation cycle” as indicated by fundamental They will decide how to follow the norm.
  3. Start changing your strategic approaches so they agree with the norm. You should retrain your workers, and it is imperative to have great correspondences and preparing programs set up so you can carry out these changes.
  4. Make a meeting with an IFS reviewer and decide the date and seasons of your review. The examiner will survey your strategic policies. In the event that your organization doesn’t adjust to the norm, the inspector will give you an activity plan depicting what changes actually should be made for you to be in consistence.
  5. Go through the activity plan and roll out the vital improvements. You should report back the evaluator depicting the progressions you made and how these progressions permitted your organization to consent to the norm. The examiner will at that point forward the case to a confirmation group who will survey the evaluators report and the finished activity plan, as per In the event that they accept your strategic policies agree with the norm, your organization will be conceded IFS certificate.


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