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Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling

Recycling of electronic products involve lot of responsible care with respect to Quality, Health and Safety, Ethical regulations and GQS has it all.

From identifying the right R2 SERI Certified facility with complete Life cycle assessment to getting the products repaired / recycled using approved legal and scientific methods of recycling, GQS does it all for you.

Should you have I.T Assets and looking for R2 Certified vendor to recycle / repair Laptops, Desktops, IPads, Servers, CRT, UPS Batteries, Printers, Printed circuit boards, Capacitors, Data Sanitizing using NIST standards drop us an email to  SHAKTI@GQSINDIA.COM or call us on 9845313910

Destruction / Repair Reports shall be issued to all assets containing unique numbers.

Geographical collection feasibility

India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mysore, Belgaum


R2 Responsible Care SERI Certification



TAJ Computers with its collection centre in Bangalore and processing centre in New Delhi has kick started the R2 Responsible care certification process. Lead by our Senior consultant, the gap analysis based on the standard have been conducted and the documentation process has been kick started.

R2 Responsible care 2013 published by SERI USA is a standard based on recycling electronic goods except for White goods. Right from collection till final disposal, the entire life cycle assessment is carried out and documents based on the standard are prepared. Implementation time frame will take any where between 6 to 12 months depending upon the maturity of the systems implemented.

The provisions of the R2 standard will have to be strictly adhered to achieve the certification from SERI approved certification body.

Looking for a SERI approved R2 Consultant, R2 Certified Recycler in DELHI, MUMBAI, HYDERABAD, CHENNAI or any part of the India, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Philippines, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia…Just drop an email to or call or WhatsApp + 91 9741501910


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