E-Stewards V-3.1, RIOS-2016 Certification

What are the steps to be followed for E Stewards V3.1, RIOS 2016 Certification ? The 15 steps to be followed are mentioned in the para below.

Firstly the need for E Stewards V3.1, RIOS 2016 standard requirements for Recyclers needs to be understood for a successful implementation and certification.

Requirements such as

  1. Customer requirements
  2. Regulatory requirements
  3. EHS Risk assessments
  4. Social accountability requirements
  5. Data privacy
  6. Handling of hazardous wastes
  7. Meeting BAN Amendments
  8. Control on Downstream Processors DP until the disposal of slag or ash
  9. Accounting for stocks by conducting a mass balance every 6 months and ensuring that the variance does not exceed 5%
  10. Publish responsible management of wastes generated
  11. Identify and control HEE Hazardous Electronic Equipments, PCM Problematic components and materials.
  12. Installation, Validation of 3rd party softwares to check functionality of critical PCMs.
  13. Creation, Review of Stewardship / RIOS Policy & Objectives
  14. Identification of RIOS Footprint
  15. Identification, review of Stakeholders requirements.

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