FSSC 22000 Version 6.0 – What are the requirements ?

FSSC 22000 Version 4 Consultant, FSSC 22000 Version 4 Certification, FSSC 22000 Version 4 Consultancy
FSSC 22000 Version 5 Consultant, FSSC 22000 Version 4 Certification, FSSC 22000 Version 6.0 Consultancy

GQS is always in the forefront to introduce the implementation of the latest standard being published.

Be it the FSSC 22000, BRC IOP, BRC Production, ISO 22000, TACCP PAS 96, ISO TS 22002 Part 1, Part 4 GQS becomes the first to join the band wagon in implementing and taking organisations through reputed and accredited certification bodies for successful certification.

Jamakhandi Sugar one of the largest sugar plant in South India signs up with GQS to implement the FSSC 22000 Version 4.1 requirements.

FSSC 22000 6.0 Standard was published in the year 2016, with the following changes

  1. Introduction of the topic on Food fraud. Organisations will have to implement a process to prevent food fraud and a thorough implementation needs to be demonstrated to curtail vulnerabilities.
  2. Introduction of surprise audits by auditor. No use of same third party auditor in surveillance audits. Two (2) surveillance audits will be unannounced and this decision lies with the third party assessing body.
  3. Catering, Retailing, Storage and distribution added in the scope for FSSC 22000 Certification.
  4. Certification to Version 5 mandatory post January 2018. Currently organisations can upgrade from the previous version to Version 5.
  5. Special Focus on ares of Threat assessment TACCP and Vulnerability Assessment VACCP.

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