HACCP Certification in Bangalore

HACCP is for hazard analysis critical control point and it aims to help and control safety hazards in the food business. This certification is approved to those who get the recognition that their food business had been developed, documents and implemented in the proper procedural manner. It not only improves food safety management but complements quality management too in Bangalore. HACCP Certification has many benefits.


  • Saves business money
  • Avoids from poisoning the customers
  • One can increase their standards by HACCP certification
  • Ensures that one is compliant with the law
  • Food quality and food safety standards increases
  • It organizes the process to produce safe food
  • It promotes teamwork and teamwork by organizing the staff

Food safety management is based on 7 principles of HACCP in Bangalore that control before they threaten customers.

  • Identification of Hazards
  • Determine the critical control points (CCP) i.e., identify the points which ensure the control of the hazards.
  • Set limits to enable critical control points to ensure the pathogens are destroyed.
  • When CCP and control points have reached a limit it’s important to monitor which involves measuring parameters such as temperature.
  • When CCP is not under control then the corrective measure should be taken.
  • The next step is confirmation of HCCP certification. Review all the procedures for verification that the HACCP is working properly.
  • The final step is documentation. The aim is to ensure control is maintained without generating paperwork.


  • The first step is understanding the requirements of HACCP i.e., you should know the rules and regulations, principles of HACCP.
  • The second step is to develop and implement a HACCP plan. During the plan, the scope should be clear as it will be useful at the audit time
  • The third step is completing a gap analysis if you have a HACCP plan but if you are uncomfortable in doing this you can arrange an external food safety consultant.
  • The fourth step is to choose a third-party certifying body that has auditors with the best skills and they guide you.
  • The final step is auditing. The auditor reviews a document and onsite review check sample of HACCP records and food safety. It can take 5 days or one year depending on the time you apply. All the audits are done by qualified food safety auditors. Contact [email protected]  9845313910  for further information