Enhance your most important asset to drive business excellence


Enhance your most important asset to drive business excellence

“Protect your physical and mental health”

The standard for occupational health and safety will come under ISO 45001 and this is the world’s first global health and safety management system. The ISO 45001:2018 standard will help organizations to systematically improvise the occupational health and safety management. This international standard for ISO 45001 will cross the geographic, political, economic, commercial and social boundaries.

This will be the best framework for any new organization to give a start for the occupational health and safety management business. Hence, ISO 45001 is suitable for organizations like large enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises, public and non-profit organizations, NGOs and charities. Actually, this certificate is to replace OHSAS 18001 which acts as a guideline to the simplified management system standards.

Why do you need ISO 45001 for your business?

The design of ISO 45001 is to help organizations prevent from the work related injury and ill health wherein those organizations will be able to provide health and safety at the workplaces. Whether you are currently working to BS OSHAS 18001 or country specific standards such as ANSI/ASSE Z10 2012, CAN/CSA-Z1000-14, AS/NZS 48001:2001 or others, you can upgrade to ISO 45001 now. ISO 45001 will also help you to proactively improvise the OH&S performance.

What can you expect out of ISO 45001 certification?

The ISO 45001:2018 will help the organizations to achieve the proper outcomes of the OH&S management system. This policy is intended to provide you the following outcomes as in:

  • Provides you a continual improvement of OH&S performance
  • Helps you to fulfill the legal requirements within the organization and other requirements as well
  • You can completely achieve the OH&S objectives

Regardless of the size, type and activities, you can apply this standard to any organization and the OH&S risks are compliable under the organizations’ control. The entire goal of the ISO 45001 certification in Bangalore will depend upon the context in which the organization operates and the need and expectation of the workers and other interested parties as well.

Do you think this certification is state specific? No, they are entirely prescriptive about the design of an OH&S management system. This will also enable the organization to stay connected with all aspects of the health and safety within the place as by taking care of the employee wellness and wellbeing. If there any risks involved to the worker or other third parties, the ISO 45001 certification will not come forward to take steps beyond those risk factors related to product safety, property damage or other environmental impacts.

The ISO 45001 certification can be benefitted as a whole or only a part of it to systematically improve the occupational health and safety management systems. Unless and until you are satisfying and claiming all the conformities of the document, you will not be able to incorporate into an organizations’ OH&S management system.

The only of this certification is to protect the employees and visitors from work related accidents and other diseases. Also, you can benefit some of the mitigation steps involved when those incidents occur in your workplace. From the committee of health and safety management, the experts have derived this certification for the employee safety and visitor’s safety in the workplace, by closely filtering from a number of previous other approaches like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. After that, the ISO 45001 is implemented to expand the OHAS 1801 and its standards into picture.

Global Quality Services will help you to bring this kind of wellbeing in your workplace for your employees and other visitors, by providing you this ISO 45001 certification. We will assist you thoroughly in the process of attaining this certification of your business despite of any particular criteria. You can discover the best ways to implement this ISO 45001 management system for your organization by reaching out to us.

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