Meeting PCI compliance and data security practices with Global Quality Services

Meeting PCI compliance and data security practices with Global Quality Services

At all times, the digital payments will never go out of fashion! Hence, the PCI DSS requirements will be highly critical than ever. The payment processes that we do must need privacy and security so that we can make the transactions in much easier fashion.

The PCI DSS is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that is designed to protect the end-to-end payment card value chain. This framework talks about the privacy during any transaction.

As the technology evolves, there are so many threats and safety issues when making any transaction or doing a process of payment. Hence, we need to ensure the PCI DSS standards for better experience related to transactions. As the technology evolved, the PCI DSS also evolved to 4.0 versions and there are certain modifications in that standard. The modifications include,

  • Guidance related to authentication and password
  • Details about the advanced system monitoring requirements
  • Guidance related to the multi-factor authentication

This privacy law will be beneficial for all the organizations or for any business that are processing majorly on the transactions or transmitting the cardholder data. The PCI standards Security Council has come up with few goals with the newer version of PCI v4.0. These goals must be covered in every organization for better achievement. They include,

  • We need to always ensure that the PCI standards are meeting the security needs of any payment related industry
  • We need to add some flexibility and support or add certain new methodologies to enrich the payment security gateway
  • We need to merge the security with business processes and promote the cardholder security which will be a part of continuous process
  • We need to put efforts to streamline the compliance process by enhancing the validation methods and procedures related to payment.

Steps to achieve the PCI compliance:

  • Install a firewall and maintain the same
  • Protect the stored cardholder data
  • Regularly update the antivirus software in your systems
  • Make sure you have the secured systems and applications
  • Assign user identification information
  • Always test the ongoing process and systems
  • Restrict physical access to data

The compliance levels of PCI DSS:

There are totally 4 levels of PCI compliance and they are based on the annual credit or debit card transactions carried out in a business process. The enterprise will get an idea of remaining compliant by checking on these levels of PCI compliance.

The first level (level 1) talks about the merchants processing more than six million real-world credit or debit card transactions manually. They must undergo an internal audit once a year with an authorized PCI auditor. Also, once in a quarter they need to submit a PCI scan by an approved scanning vendor (ASV).

The second level (level 2) applies to the merchants who process Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is required that they must complete an assessment once a year using a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

The third level (level 3) applies to merchants processing between 20,000 and one million e-commerce transactions annually. They must complete a yearly assessment using the relevant SAQ. A quarterly PCI scan may also be required.

The fourth level (level 4) is applicable to the merchants who are processing fewer than 20,000 e-commerce transactions annually. A yearly assessment using the relevant SAQ must be completed and a quarterly PCI scan may be required.

The businesses can safeguard their application layers and the clients. The Global Quality Services will help you to filter out all the malicious attacks coming into your systems. We make it easier for all the organizations to remain protected and be a PCI DSS compliant organization. Global Quality Services will stick on to the basic rules to stay compliant to the PCI DSS and also we will stay updated if any new requirements are added as per the update.

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